Maestro move: French conductor crosses London

Maestro move: French conductor crosses London


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2020

The conductor Ludovic Morlot has switched to Intermusica for worldwide management.

He was previously with AskonasHolt.

Morlot has been without a music director title since leaving the Seattle Symphony last year.



  • pianoguy says:

    is a music director (or more than one) title really the must-have it once was? there are plenty of excellent conductors without them. you could claim title collectors just want safe pay cheques

    • Hanna Nahan says:

      Well who doesn’t?

    • Niklas Willen says:

      And there are plenty of non excellent conductors with titles.

    • Mick the Knife says:

      Yes, and not for the reasons you state.

    • Larry says:

      It’s not just the conductors who benefits from being a “music director.” Theoretically, at least, the orchestra also benefits because it develops a long-term musical/artistic relationship with said conductor who is also involved with hiring/firing of players and who is a public “face” to the community.

  • Basso Continuoso says:

    What does management have to do with anything, why is it of any interest to anyone? It only affects people in the business side, which has nothing to do with music.

  • JBT says:

    Ludovic is a great conductor who surely will find a new great orchestra to call home