Launch of another Järvi business

Launch of another Järvi business


norman lebrecht

December 21, 2020

As nature abhors a vacuum, the Estonian Järvi family deplores inactivity.

Since Covid-19, conductor father Neeme has launched his own online teaching business at $200 an hour,  while son Paavo has stayed out front as the busiest condutor on earth with music director jobs in Tokyo and Zurich and jump-ins all over the place.

Now junior son Krystian Järvi has launched his own record label and sonic space, which he explains like this:

NEscapes creates wide ranging Escapes for audience to immerse into its worlds. In creating environments that tune into the frequency of our existence, each NEscapes journey begins with the essence of the core of all: Music.

About Nescapes: In combination of the highest quality in audio and video production, the new branch aims to further the creation of new experiences by fully curated Audio Visual Sensory experiences: combineing all forms of art. Founded by a collective of friends, creative minds and artistic entrepreneurs with in its core producer, composer and conductor Kristjan Järvi.

NEscapes Records exclusively launches its new Music experience format of its NEscapes Lounges, in addition to EP’s and Vinyl’s, to cater and create their unique esthetic. As Kristjan Järvi states: “Creating Harmonies for the Soul is our mission. Our mission is to inspire, spread good music and through our offered experiences to elevate one’s sense of self, to find your voice through music, which is the core of it all.” This Label is founded with aim to give a home to artists who want to unite through their creations, are free from expectations and function as a creative hub for various styles, genres, and disciplines. 

Got that?



  • mel says:

    Better than sitting at home and watching TV. Glad they’re doing something. And it’s Kristjan btw.

  • Gustavo says:

    Nespresso – what else?

    Is this the new reality?

  • Sheila Novitz says:

    Yes, got that, but it would be nice if the writer could spell the English he uses.

  • Neeme is an amazing inspiration for so many young conductors! He shares his experience and skill with such a generosity and ease. Since lawyers are often taking 500 per hour and plumbers in Austria are 200 I see that the price is definitely not too high. His sons are top level professionals and huge talents. It’s great to see that dynasties of musicians are coming back. And that a dynasty of conductors of such caliber is possible. All three of them deserved the fame that have.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Nature doesn’t abhor a vacuum, that’s the human ego, not nature. A Vacuum has unlimited potential, the void, that’s also where the Universe goes to rest in “Black Holes” and such as they’re called.

  • Nijinsky says:

    I still find this confusing. Does this mean that vacuums make abhorrent statements? I mean I have a vacuum, and I can put clothes on it, as it sucks my carpet clean, but does that substitute for a broom to fly on?