Instruments on EasyJet? Now they charge for locker use

You may not be flying for a while yet, but be aware that the rules have changed on EasyJet which used to be very accomodating for musical  instruments.

As of February 10, it seems, EasyJet passengers will have to pay extra for the use of overhead luggage lockers.

Nice company.

Don’t miss them a bit.


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  • Geez it was already hard enough. I remember helping the Estonian Festival Orchestra musicians trying to find places for all their instruments on a full Tegel to Vienna flight a few years back…

  • Of course they’ll be expecting to recoup losses from months of inactivity – or vastly reduced activity – from Covid-19. Don’t be naive. Just think of it as tiny part of your share of saving the geriatric cohort.

  • I’m happy to make a personal decision about using a fee- based overhead bin. Yet, as a US citizen, I will be very unhappy if economically challenged US carriers are given huge government subsidies, which then limit my ability to make such a choice as all taxpayers are then helping to pay for those bins whether we use them or not.

  • Over the past few years, all the airlines have been padding their bottom lines using extra fees for all sorts of things. The question is how much Easy Jet will charge for overhead storage.

  • A number of years back (over 10) there was a very funny movie–forgot the title–about an airline that had coin-operated overhead bins. We all knew it was coming.

  • A few airlines already do this and it’s actually can be great- you pay the fee and suddenly there’s no longer a debate if you can bring your instrument on and there’s space pretty much regardless of boarding group. I’d obviously rather not pay extra, but the security of knowing your instrument gets on when does relieve a lot of anxiety.

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