Injured Romanian mezzo dies of Covid, at 52

Injured Romanian mezzo dies of Covid, at 52


norman lebrecht

December 25, 2020

The Romanian mezzo Maria Macsim Nicoară, star of the state opera at Iasi, has died seven months after suffering brain damage in a fall at her home. She underwent several operations and was in a long coma. While in hospital, she contracted Covid-19.

She was discharged from hospital a fortnight ago. Her death was made known by grieving opera colleagues.



  • John Borstlap says:

    A truly AWFUL story. Condoleances to her family.

    • Nijinsky says:

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    • Nijinsky says:

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  • yujafan says:

    So sad, I heard her once in Iasi and found her a totally committed artist. RIP.

  • caranome says:

    I’m sorry about this tragedy and may she RIP. But this is a classic case of the media the world over for some perverse reason want to promote Covid numbers when there are more serious comorbidities involved. Her real cause of death is obviously the coma-inducing brain damage. She would not have contracted Covid without that injury staying in hospital for so long with a severely impaired immune system. So you can count that only, or Covid only, or give everybody credit and count both. it’s like AIDS patients who finally succumbed to pneumonia. In that case, AIDS was the more topical and “sexier” disease to report. There are 100,000s case like this globally, and now Covid is the disease de jure. Covid is very serious, but the media has the responsibility to be as accurate as possible and not inflame or sensationalize the terrible plight any further in order to get more clicks/eyeballs.

    • Nijinsky says:

      Like she had more than one immune system…

      • Nijinsky says:

        I speak of side effects, it’s not known which two are the same, but sometimes it’s really from different source.

    • William Safford says:

      I disagree. She should not have had to be in the position to contract COVID-19 while in the hospital.

      (I am not blaming the hospital, without additional information.)

      Would she still be alive had she not contracted COVID-19? Would she have rallied from these injuries?

      The pandemic has been mismanaged. It has been handled worse in some places than others. I have no idea how it has been handled in Romania, but there is no question but that hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people today are dead who should not be.

      This must not be swept under the rug.

      Also, unless you read Romanian, we do not know the nature of her death beyond what NL reported. I did not find an English-language report, and plugging a Romanian one into a translation window yielded choppy and unclear text.

      I might agree with you, it were a case such as someone who tested positive for COVID-19, was asymptomatic, but who one day crossed the street and was hit by a car. But that’s not the case here.

    • Hilary says:

      I agree that the media/ government does have a duty to be accurate. The word virulent has been used in an uncaring way recently and we began the pandemic with that ludicrous ‘stay alert’ advice . The public (myself included) can be pretty vague on scientific issues and education is a key component. As the inaccuracies multiply (most grevious being the original advice from the WHO about masks) so do the conspiracy theories.

      • Nijinsky says:

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    • Nijinsky says:

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    • Nijinsky says:

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    • Chicagoan says:

      “Obviously”? I am sorry, do you have access to the medical records? Are you an MD?
      What are you talking about? Get a grip.

  • Nijinski says:

    And it’s not “split mode”