Glenn Gould’s trusted aide has died

The indispensable Ray Roberts, Glenn Gould’s closest associate in his last decade, has died of cancer. It was Roberts whom Gould called when he suffered a stroke in 1982 and he who drove Gould to hospital where he died.





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  • Ray Roberts was a true gentleman. Gould trusted him with everything to the point of calling him first when he suffered his stroke. Ray wanted to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital but Glenn said no. “I want you to take me alone, you and I together”. After a few hours under medical care Ray felt he was no longer able to help him so he left the room. He knew it was near the end. I talked to him last month. Our last conversation was very calm, serene, full of deep awareness of what was coming. For the last more than 30 years he gave me material -private home recordings, privileged information- that he wanted everybody to know and enjoy. I am so thankful to him for all he’s done to help perpetuate Glenn Gould’s memory. May he rest in peace.

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