Germany hands out $6,000 to 1,500 freelance musicians

Germany hands out $6,000 to 1,500 freelance musicians


norman lebrecht

December 21, 2020

Germany’s Culture Minister Monika Grütters has allocated 10 million Euros in emergency relief to 1,500 freelance musicians.

It is being called the Classical Scholarship Programme.

Grütters said that freelance musicians ‘contribute significantly to the diversity and innovative strength of our musical life. To keep it that way in future, we want this scholarship program to create space for new ideas and projects.’



  • RW2013 says:

    Is anyone else still waiting for their Novemberhilfe while these new relief plans are being announced?

  • Kai Adomeit says:

    And here the correct Text: „ Germany’s Culture Minister Monika Grütters has allocated 10 million Euros in emergency Lotto to 1,500 freelance musicians….

    • Occamsrazor says:

      “ And here the correct Text: „ Germany’s Culture Minister Monika Grütters has allocated 10 million Euros in emergency Lotto to 1,500 freelance musicians….“ The most noteworthy is the use of the term “emergency”. Are these freelance musicians presently lying under trees with their stomachs swollen from edema and unable to keep flies away from their faces, you know, like the children of Ethiopia? I distinctly remember the mainstream media using the word “emergency” when showing these children on tv. Any of the freelancers at least visibly malnourished? Now, if God forbid the freelancers ever experience the Ethiopian level of starvation, what term will the establishment use to describe it? Is it going to be something more impressive or just the same old “emergency “? Debasement of currencies, printing trillions and inevitable inflation can be traced to the devaluation of words.

  • Where do they get all their money?

    • Mr. Knowitall says:

      It doesn’t appear to be an addition of new funds but rather an allocation of funds from the New Start Culture (Neustart Kultur) program. The New Start program is a covid emergency fund that was launched not long into the health crisis. It was first directed toward composers and, I think, performers of contemporary music. (In fact, I’m a recipient as a composer.) This new scholarship program directs some of that money to performers of classical music, defined by the managers as early music to early modern music. I imagine that means early to mid-20th century. The idea, it appears, is to support classical performers whom the first Neue Start programs missed.

    • Araragi says:

      The only places government gets money – they either steal it (taxation), borrow it, or go to the printing presses.

    • Occamsrazor says:

      Helene, they get their money from trees. If you don’t see the logic of gold being money, why do you consider it logical cutting down a pine tree, turning it into pulp and calling it a billion dollars?

  • Gustavo says:

    For all freelance musicians except for Stefan Mickisch who will be hanged in front of Bayreuth’s Rathaus for leading a rebellion against the establishment.

  • benjamin says:

    Grütters! Go home.
    You are the most useless culture politician on earth. You are a failure.

  • caranome says:

    There must be many 1000s of German freelancers, so this won’t cover all of them. So what’s the criteria for getting money, to the lucky few?

    • Mr. Knowitall says:

      It’s project-based. Freelancers say what sort of project they would start and a jury will decide who gets how much.

  • Marge O. says:

    the us empire will ‘hand out’ $600 (USD) to those who make under 75,000$ after months of debate. Then they tax the $600. Very caring and generous us-ians. Interestingly, their “defence” (war mongering/imperialism/propaganda) budget annually of $740,000,000,000 passed without a peep.

  • Marge O. says:

    The us empire also has the infamous “PPP” relief during the pandemic/plague. The “relief” must be paid back though. very american. Mom and pops left stranded and huge corporation doing quite fine. Many a few us-ians could learn from Germany. Or likely not, since most us-ians were mentally disabled.

  • CYM says:

    I was never good at math, but $6,000 for 1,500 freelance musicians means : $4 per musician … (a donut + a cup of coffee). Am I wrong ?

  • Greg says:

    $6000 for 1500 musicians comes to $4 apiece. Pretty generous………