Fiona Maddocks’s 10 moments

Fiona Maddocks’s 10 moments


norman lebrecht

December 27, 2020

At the bleak ending of a near-empty year, the Observer music critic finds 10 glimmers of light.

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  • James says:

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs Igor Levit’s seventh-grade-piano level attention whoring, and if that’s the best that Fiona Maddocks can do then she has jumped the shark too. Take this unshaven, scheming, needy man and his spare tire off my screen.

  • Bloom says:

    Wigmore Hall did truly a great job. Free streaming, fine, honest music making ( no attention -seeking antics). They also published the lieder texts on the occasion of each recital. I hope the donations were many and generous.

  • CYM says:

    It’s fun ! … although I wished for better pedaling. I heard his piano bench will be on sale soon st eBay.

  • John Borstlap says:

    This video shows exactly what I really would prefer to all those Beethoven pieces and the rest….! Only THEN concerts get something interesting to look at.


  • Pianofortissimo says:

    I’m sure Mr Levit would be able to play ‘Palais de Mari’ in that position, if he only could fynd a way to sit on the pedals.

  • CYM says:

    Well, maybe experiment with playing Beethoven late piano sonatas, WITHOUT a piano ; just as Beethoven heard it !? That would combine authentic period interpretation combined with avant-garde fun !

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    It doesn’t actually matter what top 10 or top 20 picks there are for anything. The world is much bigger than any one article, and frankly, becomes forgotten tomorrow. Perhaps Mr. Levit was just having fun. What does matter on a deeper level, over time, is what we create to continue the evolution music, be it performances, recordings, cultivating new music, during good times, as well as times like 2020, and what people will utilize and/or remember in 50-100 years. Everything else becomes diluted over time.

  • Fernandel says:

    Embarrassing moment.