Film composer is found hanged

Film composer is found hanged


norman lebrecht

December 12, 2020

A verdict of suicide has been returned on David Ffoulkes-Williams, a film and broadcast composer who was found hanged at his Surrey home. He was 62 and was under police investigation for domestic violence.

His film credits include The Salvation, Connected, A Short Story about Love and At the Edge of Winter.




  • Nijinsky says:


    ‘I have read the letters and notes he left relating to the last few years of his life and the difficulties he faced and the feelings he had about it and I have heard about the increasing unhappiness in which he sought help from his GP receiving anti-depressants and sleeping tablets.”

    Read the black box warning label on anti-depressants….

    • Karl says:

      I warn people about SSRIs all the time. I get kicked out of mental health sites for that. Just trying to help people.

      • Nijinsky says:

        I had a friend studying nursing. And she had had had such a bad reaction to psychiatric drugs that it took her years to recover from the sort of Autism they induced. She had been searching for help with sexual abuse issues, and ended up with THAT, that it ended up taking her like a day to read one page because of the effect of the drugs (even after she was off of them).

        And so, she was studying to be a nurse, but if she actually shared the information that’s also readily available about the dangers of SSRIs there was protest from other students (one of them reacting so aggressively she was sure they would assault her were they allowed to), and she got into trouble for actually being scientific. And now, doctors who so readily put anyone on antidepressants for a whole list of creating-consumer-endeavors by the drug companies, they generally think that one can later just get off of them, without sharing how difficult it is for many people, or the rest of the dangerous side effects. And when it’s acknowledged that one has to taper off, it’s not at all acknowledged (or even cared to be known) how gradual that often has to be. The lady across the street, who feels free to tell me about such things, trying to get off of older anti-depressants, says the same: that the doctors just don’t know how difficult it is to get off of such “helpers.” And beyond that, it’s highly deceiving to suggest: “oh you can take this pill,” and leave out all of the extreme difficulties that can ensue, which when encountered can lead to, extreme withdrawal symptoms would one want to get away from disabling side effect can be seen as “relapsing” thanks to the DSM and its list of “symptoms” or more and more drugs being prescribed till the person is disabled. And that’s not just proselytizing of mine, that’s the history of the advent of such “medications.” That’s historical fact already. Statistical reality.

        What you’re not told about antidepressant can be shared here

        And I’m overloaded now already, just delving into this, would I have to share all of the information.

        You probably have heard of the Columbine mass shooting. I happen to have run into someone on a bus making a sarcastic remark about his doctor suggesting anti-depressants. I chimed in with what I know, and he started telling me how the two boys in that incident used to come to a foster care facility he had near there, and they’d play pool, and shared how they were bullied by jocks at that school, how they complained to the principle who then sent them to the Sheriff, who then sent them back to the principle, meaning NOTHING was done about the bullying. And the ring leader of the two had, just before the incident had started, been put on antidepressants, or been changed to a different one (Luvox, I think) and he had actually expressed to his doctor that they made him angry at everyone (his parents, his girlfriend, his friends: everyone) where upon the doctor told him to just keep taking them. That was shortly before the whole shooting incident, which I’m not in any way condoning as a reaction to anything (I don’t condone guns or other violent weapons at all, legal or not), just trying to point out how anti-depressants could have been involved in causing it. What I just shared is, as far as I know, hearsay, although I suggested that the man telling me that story should contact Michael Moore who was looking for information about such stuff at the time, which one could do then at But I don’t know whether he ever did that. However, there actually was a case against the drug companies because it was known that that kid was put on anti-depressants, and it was even known that he would mess around with them because of the effect they had on him, but the drug companies, as they so often do, bought that out; but you NEVER hear about that in corporate media at all. In fact I lose count of how many times one reads in the news of a seemingly inexplicable violent act, and then there’s this addendum somewhere that the person was receiving treatment for “depression.”

        There’s also with many more of such stories.

        And the amount of withholding of evidence, and playing around with data, and which trials to use or not, and media games that were used to get as many people as there are now on drugs that are so addictive they get sick trying to get off of them, although they may have no positive effect, or a marginal one…. The drug companies have been sued for billions of dollars withholding information about the side effects of the drugs pushed in the bipolar diagnosis now, which came after the push for getting people on anti-depressants.

        • Hayne says:

          Yes, and now we know why the covid19 vaccine makers can’t be sued. Big pharma is involved in a LOT of things!

          • Nijinsky says:

            Yes, that’s true that, in the United States at least, vaccine producers can’t be sued for damages that their vaccines cause, and the tax payers (not the drug companies) have to pay when there’s re-compensation; but I’m still hoping that the vaccine will stop this dangerous virus from spreading.

            That said, lack of exercise, a bad diet, sugar, overly refined foods, toxicity from a whole list of things (pesticides, preservatives, food coloring) all cause a whole list of diseases that wouldn’t be there with a healthier life style; and have been killing more people than the covid virus curing the pandemic, did before it, and I don’t see anything from preventing them to continue afterwards. People consequently give the drug companies a lot of power they wouldn’t otherwise have.

          • Karl says:

            The drugs are big money and that has also corrupted science. It’s pretty easy to rig a study and even when you get caught doing it the study doesn’t get retracted. Read up on the rigged study of Vascepa. That hasn’t stopped it from being on the market and getting advertised on television.