Death of an audio aristocrat, 75

Death of an audio aristocrat, 75


norman lebrecht

December 18, 2020

The legendary audio designer Tim de Paravicini has died in Japan of liver cancer.

Baron Timothy de Paravicini, to give his full title, designed equipment that was used by members of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. He was the founder of EAR Yoshino and designer of many of the world’s best studios.

Many classical audio buffs swear by his domestic equipment..

Professional obit here.



  • strange audio theories says:

    What was supposed to make his guy so special??
    Ear Yoshino? “Hi end” marketing and hi end prices.
    Have auditioned one of the much vaunted “hi-end amps”, -underwhelming in every sense.

    Like much of “hi end”, mostly “audiophile in drag” = nothing special at all

  • I met Tim on numerous occasions and did business with him as hi-fi consultant and never had anything but full appreciation of his depth of knowledge and brevity. Provided he knew you were not an idiot that was going to waste his time with ill-prepared nonsensical questions, he gave of his experience and time willingly. Anyone, like another responder on here who curtly questions why this man was considered so special or the same about his products obviously knows very little and would do well to do some research before coming onto a site with wide-of-the-mark remarks. Tim de Paravicini WAS a legend in the world of recording studios. That he also produced some highly original designs for domestic hi-fi that have stood the test of time earns him such a place in the halls of fame of messrs. Walker, Radford and a handful of other legendary engineers of note in the business.