Danes move fast to replace late conductor

Danes move fast to replace late conductor


norman lebrecht

December 15, 2020

Barely have the tears dried for Alexander Vedernikov, who died six weeks ago of Covid, than the orchestra of the Royal Danish Opera, where he was chief conductor, have announced a replacement.

The Italian Paolo Carignani has been given the title of principal guest conductor for the next three years.

Carignani, 59, was formerly chief conductor at Frankfurt Opera.


  • pianoguy says:

    that does seem a tad hasty in the current climate. is there that much work for him to do, is he just picking up the monthly cheque?

  • Fernando Costa says:

    Why didn’t they go for a big name in Copenhague? With all respect for the talented and respected Maestro Carignani they could probably have secured a real A-Name in these unpredictable times.