British conductor becomes Latvian before Brexit

British conductor becomes Latvian before Brexit


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2020

The conductor Karel Mark Chichon has been awarded Latvian citizenship for ‘special merit’ (the citation said) in his efforts to raise the reputation of Latvian music abroad.

Chichon is married to the Latvian mezzo star Elīna Garanča.



  • Gustavo says:

    The first thing I did in response to the Brexit referendum was to apply for dual citizenship.

    I didn’t want to bank on any “special merit” for any nation post-Brexit.

    • pianoguy says:

      good if you can do that, many can’t

      • Counterpoint says:

        From the comments here it looks like those with long Brexititis are still whingeing. Why only this week we’ve had the good news of the banning of the export of live farmstock from England and Wales to the EU and a greater emphasis on land management for the benefit of wildlife by farmers in return for subsidies than was ever possible under the CAP. Why not start celebrating the consequential benefits for a change?

  • Insider says:

    Questionable if such a move will help him to keep his position in Las Palmas

  • Maria says:

    So many in England and particularly the west of Scotland – and possibly Americans and Australians could get an Irish passport if they can prove one grandparent was Irish. Great revenue for a small country like Ireland with fewer than 5m people not all Irish, by selling millions of passports at quite a cost. I’ve had mine for years as I was born of two Irish parents but born in London. Nothing to do with Brexit, just about who I am – both British and Irish, but not English. Not sure I’d want to take on an alien nationality like Latvian unless I learned the language at least.