Few stars join Doug Sheldon’s new agency

Few stars join Doug Sheldon’s new agency


norman lebrecht

December 10, 2020

The return of former Cami chief Doug Sheldon to the agency business looks less than overwhelming on first perusal.

Old pals Anne-Sophie Mutter and Valery Gergiev have signed on, but they are the only big hitters on the new website.

Other signings include the Dutch violinist Simone Lamsma, the Israeli pianist Tom Borrow and the multi-agented composer Lera Auerbach.

Maybe more will join later.

Sheldon, 79, quit Cami in 209 after 49 years in the business.

His new office is on Water Street, Colonia, New Jersey, a far cry from 57th Street


  • Anton Bruckner says:

    Signing VG is equivalent to having 6 busy conductors on the roster, isn’t it?

  • With Doug’s contacts he will soon be overwhelmed with the best of the best.

  • And the Beat Goes On says:

    Slatkin, anyone?

    • pianoguy says:

      Oh lord, please, not him. The only half-decent thing I heard him do was a Mahler 1 at the BBC Proms several years ago, but the rest of his work I would rather forget

  • Basso Continuoso says:

    He hasn’t made me an offer yet.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      we broke this story 2 months ago. MA are always behind the news

      • That MA might be behind the news may very well be true, but MA’s article seems to show that there are more artists on the Sheldon roster than SD. Additionally, the CAMI offices were far from impressive, and in these days as in days of yore, home offices tend to be quite efficient and comfortable. Colonia, New Jersey isn’t 57th Street, but is considered a high end section of NJ suburbs, albeit sans Carnegie Hall.

  • Don says:

    Not the most pleasant man to work with to say the least…

  • Oliver C. says:

    Dear Mr. Lebrecht:

    During a global pandemic, founding a new boutique agency after 49 years of leading one of the great forces in classical music, which CAMI was, is a triumph of the spirit and even inspiring. You choose to comment about the roster. A balanced roster of superstars and incredibly talented younger artists is how such an agency should position itself. Even for those who do not endorse gender bias in any profession, the focus on women conductors is needed in our times, and it is evident in this new agency’s intent. There is so much here to celebrate.

    It is unfortunate to read your writing about important news. Your jaded, personal, biased, and uninspiring perspective is transparent and unsophisticated. Regardless of your personal feelings for Doug Sheldon and the artists he represents, it is clear to anyone that your wish is to diminish what otherwise should be acknowledged factually.

    Many people read, and regretfully your words often represent the worse sentiments and intentions of journalism. At some point, we all understand what our role should have been, often too late. Perhaps you are fearful and insecure that you do not possess the gravitas required to avoid cliché clickbait headlines and negative spin. Maybe you do it to feel relevant to the art form and industry, as a child-bully tries to feel pertinent to his peers. Perhaps you are part of the enemies of inspiration, hope, art, music, which are so sorely needed during our times.

    *Please note: It is 2019, not 209. It is CAMI and not Cami. There should be a period at the end of your last sentence.

    • Nick2 says:

      Some will certainly and rightly dispute that comment that CAMI was one of the great forces of classical music. It was often a tyrant and that needs to be remembered. I always liked one of the very few quotes from the NYT made by Ronald Wilford: “My artists don’t think I’m a sonofabitch – and I don’t care what anybody else thinks.” Not caring about others was a frequent CAMI trait.

  • Simon says:

    I love how it says “About US” and there’s just a photo of Doug.