Tenor claims a Mozart world premiere

The tenor Rolando Villazon is claiming a giant coup for Salzburg Mozart Week 2021, if which he is artistic director.

Around Mozart’s birthday at the end of January he will present for performance an unheard piano piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts, in three parts and with a dance-like character.

The pianist will be Roert Levin.

The whole piece lasts 94 seconds.  ‘Not long,’ says Villazon, ‘but with Mozart it is a whole cosmos.’

As you were.

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  • So better wait until DGG releases the ultimate complete Mozart box set in 2056 with a bonus track lasting exactly 94 seconds.

  • Just what we need. A Cosmos. I hope that after it is released into the world it doesn’t bore a hole straight across the core and come out the other side. The Chinese hate that.

  • How tiring…

    Mozart to be discovered after his meager life span is over, to avoid discovering…

    Excuse me, this is almost like a war against art rather than for it, and reveling in the spoils of it.

    In this whole “environment,” now a days where the whole romantic period is warped from idolatry into a marketing ploy for superstars and exhibited like a beauty contest.

  • This is really an amazing discovery though, like Columbus discovering America.

    Now remember, it was Columbus made the discovery, it wasn’t that the primitive uncivilized natives discovered something was wrong with those wonderful guests and that they needed help, it was Columbus did the discovering.

  • We’re of course all really waiting the discovery of that amazingly insightful witty music review, from that time or other, telling us everything we didn’t know.

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