US tenor, 47, dies after motorbike crash

St. Petersburg Opera is mourning its tenor Sam Hall, co-star of last year’s Madam Butterfly.

Zoya Gramagin was Hall’s co-star …. “He was the best colleague and partner onstage you could possibly dream about,” the soprano said. “He was very supportive and very kind. And as a singer, I felt very secure and calm with him onstage. It was a beautiful feeling to work with him.”


Photo: Jim Swallow


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  • Sad indeed.

    It was also a motorbike crash that killed Italian tenor Salvatore Licitra, 43, nine years ago. He was terrific.

    • A sad coincidence. Thanks to Dalledu Alletre for remembering Salvatore Licitra’s unfortunate similar death in 2011, a few months before Vincenzo la Scola, 53, died of a heart attack in Turkey, while giving master classes.

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