Trumpeter and pianist plead guilty to $1.3 million fraud

The jazz virtuoso Irvin Mayfield has pleaded guilty to defrauding New Orleans Public Library Foundation of $1.3 million to buy a trumpet, pay himself a $100,000 salary and book his orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

His pianist Ronald Markham admitted to the same charge.

They await sentencing.

Full story here.

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  • How can you not break the law when you’re a TRUMP-eter?
    It seems that those 5 letters seem to stigmatize anyone and anything they encounter with a bad omen…. 😉

  • I don’t know about the other stuff, but the best Trumpet money can by will set you back about $12,000. But most top shelf players manage on $2000-$4000 horns. Whatever he spent that 1,000,000 on, it wasn’t a Trumpet.

  • Seems to be a talented trumpeter and let’s face it, the governments around the planet are robbing the poor on a daily basis. The world economy is a massive ponzi scheme.

  • This sucks (regardless of airflow). New Orleans has many great musicians and never enough money. What’s more, our trumpeters are local heroes.

  • Lest it be thought that musicians are morally superior to anybody else, this example proves once again that the morality of society moves vertically through all the stratem and not simply horizontally through one.

  • RESPECT! As a violinist I couldn’t buy even a broken Strad with that, but for a trumpet player, not bad at all! Hope it was worth it bud

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