The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (239): Something of the night

Martucci’s Notturno, a Muti favourite, gloriously played by the Philadelphians.

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  • At least he did not eviscerate the Philadelphia, like he did with us. The vast majority of CSO musicians was thrilled to have Baremboim back for two weeks. Someone who asked them to play, rather than not play.

  • For all the criticism appeared on this reputable blog, Revered Maestro keeps his priorities straight, with the utmost discipline. Take the most recent tours and Vienna residency: before and after rehearsals, the Music Director dedicated zero time to working with his AP VP who, to no avail, was banging her head against the wall in deep frustration. Again and again, he heeded to more crucial needs, and scrupulously attended to them with the help of a most devoted staff member. The more indispensable and fulfilling *job must always take precedence!

  • Giuseppe Martucci (Capua, 1856 – Naples, 1909) composed the Notturno op. 76 nº 1 in 1896.
    He was one of Ottorino Respighi’s teachers.

  • Somehow I think the orchestra deserves at least as much credit for this as the conductor. To me it sounds a lot like Gerald Finzi, perhaps like Puccini’s orchestral works definitely not Mahler (not enough angst or kletzmer playing).

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