The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (235): Non-Covid numbers

Greatest Danish film ever made.


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  • As always, Danny Kaye is a delight. One of my recent discoveries is this little duet with Harry Belafonte: .
    My feelings about the new comments format are mixed. For example, I miss thumbs up but not thumbs down. Thumb up is clear and useful – it shows full agreement with a comment. Thumb down is unclear and therefore useless – one never knows what part of a comment is being disagreed with, and why. If you disagree, specify what exactly you are disagreeing with and what is the reason for your disagreement. So, good riddance to thumbs down, but do bring back thumbs up.

  • Well, it’s actually an american production about a famous Danish figure. You want real Danish cinema check out Carl Th.Dreyer.

  • Danny Kaye was a remarkable talent who, although he couldn’t read music, often conducted during the NY Phil’s and other orchestra’s pension fund concerts. The Kaye Playhouse @ Hunter College/CUNY is named after him.

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