The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (232): Luciano sings Liszt

Who knew?


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  • Great to see this. He stays, for the duration of the song, right inside its world. I heard LP on three occasions-a Royal Opera House Sunday recital, and two outdoor concerts. By far the best was the one at Royal Opera. In the opera houses acoustic I was able to hear the quality of his voice and it’s easy carrying power. It seemed extraordinary to me, as a twenty year old, how anybody could sing with his sustained beauty of tone throughout it’s full compass! Great memories.

  • The three Petrarch sonnets were the centrepiece of Pavarotti’s recital in San Diego in the 1980s. I recall the management asking the audience’s indulgence of his indisposition (a cold), but he sang very well, and it was a thrill to hear the Liszt settings in live concert.

    Now I would like to hear Liszt’s late revision of the settings, for baritone, live…

  • Amazing, Liszt should’ve given lessons to his son-in-law on how to write the melodic line of an aria.

    Admit it, we love Wagner for his harmonies and orchestral accompaniments, but who really likes listening to his arias?

    • I heard Pavarotti sing this live at his solo recital at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York sometime around 1980.

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