Royal Academy is rapped for ‘casting couch’ lessons to students

Royal Academy is rapped for ‘casting couch’ lessons to students


norman lebrecht

November 22, 2020

An independent inquiry into sexual abuse at the Royal Academy of Music has come up with a mild rap on the knuckles for an institution where a student was told to ‘get used to the casting couch’. According to the Sunday Telegraph, the report calls for ‘new practices to allow students to bypass powerful figures when making complaints’.

A search of Slipped Disc will find a pattern of such incidents down recent years.

Nothing much gets changed.

Here’s a link to the full report.




  • Here is a data base of over 1000 sexual abuse cases in American universities, most collected over the last year and a half. There is a search function. The menu heading “incidents” lists them all together for an overview. The list is not complete. I see several cases in music missing.

    • Roger B. says:

      Well in the USA even a “Hi” coming from a white male can be considered sexual assault, so you can surely throw away 50% of all cases.

    • Maria says:

      Put your hand on someone’s shoulder in America, or on an American in London, and you could be done for assault!

      • Most of the cases in the data base have a link to information about what happened (mostly from newspaper articles.) The information shows that the cases were substantial.

        • Scarlet says:

          Thank you, William. I checked the link and found my abuser’s name. It helped me in a small way. For the rest of you, he did quite a bit more than putting his hand on my shoulder.

  • Is this the ‘news’ from November 2019 or some new development?
    – “Royal Academy of Music facing calls for investigation into ‘casting couch’ culture after 15 complaints of sexual harassment” 30.xi.19 [].
    – “Royal Academy of Music takes action over ‘casting couch’ student complaints” 6.xii.19 []