Placido Domingo calls in sick

The artist has cancelled forthcoming dates in Italy due to unspecified ‘last minute’ health problems.

He has dropped out of singing at the Donizetti Opera Festival in Bergamo and conducting the Verdi Requiem in Piacenza.

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  • Italy’s high-risk these days. He’s in a high-risk bracket (probably not dumb enough to think he’s immune, like the exiting (eventually) US president, just because he had a relatively light case of it once.

      • Please! Maths may not be your forte, but the number of global confirmed cases is a little over 50 million (WHO – look it up!). So your (mis)information is off by a factor of 20x. Even if we wanted to count all the unconfirmed, untested, asymptomatic cases around the world, none but the drunkest of scientists (or pseudo-scientists you would presumably prefer listening to) would suggest one in seven people on the planet had already contracted COVID-19. Please keep your utter nonsense to yourself. Thank you.

    • It’s unclear to me why you will not print by sarcastic answer to this comme I’ll faut The-View-From-America sarcastic, insulting, and ignorant post, which you permit to stand, but my mild admittedly sarcastic tit for tat xenophobic Trumpist statement is allowed public credence. The usual hypocrisy. All “anti-American” utterance must be excised.

    • Hahahahaha.
      I mean, I agree, but if he was ever going to retire “when it was time,” he would have retired about 3 times already. I can only imagine him working until he drops dead onstage/ on the podium/ in an airport somewhere.

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