Orchestra turns to drink

The Philharmonia, lying low in Covid waters, has sold its name to a brand of gin.


I never had them down as a G&T orchestra.

More vodka and lime, with baton Finnish. Gin is more a Concertgebouw tipple (with advocaat?).

What does the Berlin Phil drink?

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  • “I never had them down as a G&T orchestra.”

    Depends on which section you have in mind, surely? Brass sections tend to be more beer than G&T.

    A certain other orchestra clearly missed a marketing opportunity in the 1970s.

  • Setting up the”Philharmonia Hedge Fund” could be more profitable.

    Musicians have the discipline to trade if they work as a group.

    (I know at least one is a qualified doctor and I’m sure there are other skills in the orchestra.)

  • I seem to remember that back in the seventies, on more than one occasion the LSO brass section managed to get to a pub near Knightsbridge tube station before any members of the audience.

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