Opera musicians are missing their deputies

Every oper orchestra depends on a pool of regular deputies for their players. How are they getting on in Covid?

This is a message from the Covent Garden musicians.

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  • The ROH players must be envious of the $150k given to each one of their counterparts in the Met orch

  • They may be receiving 80% of their salaries at the moment, but in December all the musicians will have a new contract when they are made redundant, then rehired. Despicable behaviour.

  • Excuse me, Norman, but from where do you get this erroneous information? The Met Orchestra has been furloughed WITHOUT pay since the beginning of April. The only thing that is covered is health insurance. At least orchestras such as the NY Philharmonic and others this side of the pond are drawing some salary despite their seasons being canceled. Not so the Met Orchestra, Chorus, Stage Hands, etc. It’s bad enough that we’ve had our President spreading false statements without having others do the same regarding this exceptional orchestra, chorus and stage hands. Please correct the record. Anyone who has been telling you differently is simply lying.

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