My car’s making a Kauffing noise

My car’s making a Kauffing noise


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2020

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  • Oh, please! says:

    This is just snide and mean-spirited. The arts community would be so much better served by news and informed commentary, not condescension repeatedly delivered from a proverbial high horse.

  • RW2013 says:

    Just as we were getting over the “one whore’s open sleigh”…

  • Bloom says:

    This Kaufmann Christmas album has already stirred quite a s….storm in social media. Happily so, because its overgreedy marketing needs the right public backlash that might teach Sony and Mr.Kaufmann a lesson they should never forget. Unhappily so, because the album , amid lots of messy things, contains a few fine musical gems that tend to be overlooked .

    • Bloom says:

      The s..storm has been caused by the fact that , surprisingly or not, generally speaking, Mr.Kaufmann still means something in opera today , for a lot of people, and, despite what he and his label think, these people are not necessarily HIS fans but simply OPERA ( classical music) fans who can not swallow any crossover crap he is releasing , any crap designed ESPECIALLY for his fans. Next time he will have to put a warning on the cd: “meant only for fans! ” I guarantee that no s…storm will bother them anymore.

  • Penelope Insect says:

    Low blow, Norm. Necessary?


  • William Safford says:

    I LOLed, because I had this happen to me once–not Kaufmann’s CD, I hasten to add.

    One time, I got into the car, started it, and very soon I heard an awful mechanical sound. I quickly turned the car off. I tried to figure out what went wrong with the car. I started to consider having it towed to the dealer for diagnosis. I turned the car’s ignition back on, not quite sure what to do, when the awful sound started again. Hmmm, at least it wasn’t the engine, but what was it?

    As you can predict, the sound turned out to be coming from the CD player. I had put a CD of what turned out to be avant-garde music into the player just before I parked the day before. It started up as soon as I turned the car on.

    I was so glad that the “problem” was the music, not a self-destructing engine!

  • Mary Zoeter says:

    What has Jonas Kaufmann ever done to you? I think he is a wonderful tenor.

  • John Borstlap says:

    What about car CD’s of excruciating pop music? One never hears about THAT problem.

    • Brettermeier says:

      “What about car CD’s of excruciating pop music? One never hears about THAT problem.”

      Maybe because “car CD’s[sic]” is a 90s problem?

      But I prefer good pop music, too. 😉

  • Jimbo says:

    It truly is excruciating!! Supporting two families clearly causes lapses in taste.
    How the sycophants at the label can sleep!

  • Andrew Barnard says:

    Come on Norman, this is getting a little old. If you don’t superstar tenors making Christmas albums, other people apparently do. Jonas isn’t the first, nor is he the worst.

  • Human nature says:

    I happen to have a Pavarotti Christmas cd…heard it once or twice. Didn t bother anyone that he made a Christmas cd.
    Not to speak about those endless Modena festivals where some rock singers tried to sing each one word of Nessum Dorma and no one complained.
    So why are people complaining now? Is Kaufmann the only opera singer which h a s n o r i g h t to sing something less “serious” than Don Carlo or Lohengrin?
    By the way, there are some beautiful songs there, which Kaufmann sings in his special manner. Some less interesting. Nice Let it snow.
    Why not.
    Seems to me some special unpleasant human sentiment caused a storm…..