Music magazine ceases print

The UK-based Classical Music magazine, launched in 1976, has gone digital-only from today, with a new website, and an editorial advisory board comprised of the serving heads of British music intitutions, which is hardly a guarantee of good journalism.

The magazine, when it started out, contained bold and challenging reporting. I remember being commissioned, around 1980, to write an account of the unhealthy links between British orchestras and festivals and the thriving tobacco industry. I did my best to smoke them out.

Those days are long gone and now so is the magazine.

Sic transit.

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  • On the editorial board:

    Mark Pemberton – director of the Association of British Orchestras.
    WHY? Gossip-in-chief in the industry, he’s totally ineffectual as head of the ABO.

    Helen Wallace – artistic and executive director of Kings Place.
    WHY? What exactly does she bring to balanced journalism?

    Cathy Graham – director of music at the British Council.
    WHY? She’s totally irrelevant.

    Atholl Swaintson-Harrison – chief executive of the International Artist Managers’ Association.
    WHY? What’s the point in this appointment?

    Chi-chi Nwanoku – founder and artistic director of the Chineke! Foundation.
    WHY? To bring ‘balance’? To allow the white establishment to feel good about itself? Shameful all round.

    Ian Ritchie – freelance artistic director, creative management and transformation consultant.
    WHY? Or should I say WHO? ‘Transformation consultant’… Right. #Eyeroll

    What a dead rag this magazine has become in recent years. Propping up the cronies who have ruined an industry.

    Just disband.

    • Firing Back. Well said. A conglomerate of non musicians, with the token tick box Chineke, who are actually projecting unconscious discrimination towards us all. Ian Ritchie is married to the managing director at the LSO! These people are really in touch with grass roots musicians. Not.

      • Patrick, absolutely!

        “…token tick box Chineke, who are actually projecting unconscious discrimination towards us all”. Why does no one seem to see or acknowledge this – it’s so obvious!

        Aha – thanks for the heads up re Ian Ritchie.
        No cronyism there, then!

  • I wouldn’t read any magazine that had Joan Sutherland on the front cover. Too old-fashioned and stodgy for me.

  • Thanks Norman. As one who subscribes to the print edition it’s good (please note the sarcastic tone!) to hear such news from a secondary source rather than being informed personally by Rhinegold publications. Probably won’t renew my subscription now…!

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