London agency sets up streaming for its artists

London agency sets up streaming for its artists


norman lebrecht

November 11, 2020

HarrisonParrott, perhaps the only agency to grow during Covid, has created a live-streaming and digital content platform in a joint enterprise with eMusic Live.

First up on December 8 is the Oslo Philharmonic with multi-job HP artist Klaus Mäkelä in a performance of Jean Sibelius’s First Symphony.



  • J Higgins says:

    Many agencies spoke about doing something of this nature back in March, but then nothing more came of it. So, although this feels a long time coming, it’s actually an innovative response to us all being forced back indoors to enjoy our music.
    It would be very interesting to know how HP imagine this will be commercially viable (only the highest quality audio and camerawork will cut it, and how will they afford to pay fair fees to those involved?) or whether they’ve just decided to sink some costs to provide a platform in order to support their artists. Either way, it is good to see one of the larger agencies actually getting it done. Whether we like it or not, digital is the way forwards in the short and medium term.

    • 88 keys says:

      Stagehub ran from spring through fall, an initiative from another London agency. I put a couple of performances on there and made good money out of it!

  • Givehimtime says:

    As gifted as Mäkelä may be, he deserves a little more time to develop as a conductor without us keep peeking. The latest Gothenburg Sibelius 7 was nothing close to what he is capable of. What a shame. He is just 24 and hugely talented. Give the guy some time.