Jonas Kaufmann’s Christmas is cancelled

Jonas Kaufmann’s Christmas is cancelled


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2020

Jonas Kaufmann’s pre-Christmas tour, promoting his current Sony album, has been rescheduled to December 2021.

He was supposed to be appearing with the State Philharmonic of Rhineland-Palatinate, conducted by his regular partner Jochen Rieder,

in Paris, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, and Hanover.

Stay home, stay safe.


  • Bloom says:

    They should schedule the whole thing in July or August and make some happy bellies jingle-jungle on the beach, among exotic cocotiers .

  • Gustavo says:


  • William Safford says:

    “Stay home, stay safe.”


  • Waltraud Becker says:

    What NEWS!!! The tour was cancelled month ago!!! Now the new dates for December 2021 are coming up! Good morning Mr. Lebrecht!

  • mary says:

    “Stay home, stay safe.”

    And stay away from that one whore’s open sleigh

  • Charlotte Sudakov says:

    Oh GOD! I am old, old and I dream of seeing him in a live performance in L A. before I die! Please JONAS! ABI GEZUNDT!

  • Star says:

    What a pity !
    The Romans knew how important is “bread and enterteinment” ! Unfortunately the new rulers of the World has taken even this away from us….
    But the music is DIVINE &will survive!

  • Jane says:

    A Royal Albert Hall Xmas gig was also on the cards.