Joe Biden summons another Irish musician for his inauguration

Joe Biden summons another Irish musician for his inauguration


norman lebrecht

November 21, 2020

The Irish violinist Patricia Treacy has been invited by the Biden family to play at the presidential inauguration in January.

There’s a lot of Irish eyes a-smiling.

The Bidens have already invited the Chieftains.

More Irish than the Kennedys?


  • Charles Clark-Maxwell says:

    Will she have to mime, as did Perlman for Obama ?

  • José Bergher says:

    Did the election authorities officially proclaim Biden as President-elect?

    • Eduardo says:

      No. Trump remains the legal POTUS.

      • William Safford says:

        That doesn’t answer José’s question.

        Of course the Orange Enemy of the People remains the legal POTUS. That is true irrespective of the results of the November 3, 2020 election.

        He remains on the golf course…er, in the White House until January 20, 2021. Then he will be out, and Joe Biden will be inaugurated President–unless the gonif succeeds at stealing the election from Biden.

    • Richard de Clare says:

      Who really knows? US is a banana republic, anyone can get elected there.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Trump definitely treated the US as a banana republic, and congressional republicans shamelessly supported him.

        No doubt the election of Trump in 2016 exposed the limitations of democracy in general and US politics in particular.

        Trump’s failure to fight his way out of electoral defeat is one of many signs of the strength of US institutions.

        That Trump’s unambiguous defeat is at all in question in people’s minds shows the power of misinformation. That is a tragedy.

      • Lancelot Spratt says:

        Yes their voting system is decidedly odd. They really need an Electoral Commission and make it FPTP or PR.

        • William Safford says:

          I agree. Our voting system for President is very odd, and is horribly out of date. Alas, it is also incredibly difficult to fix.

    • William Safford says:

      No, the correct question is: has the Orange Thief succeeded at stealing the election?

      Answer: not yet. He’s trying, and failing.

      Biden is President-Elect.

      • Evan Stein says:


        The GSA Administrator has not ascertained a winner. You need to patiently wait for her whilst votes are still being received by mail and must be first verified then counted.

        Trump remains your president.

        Also, you need to be more respectful towards both women and others in general. Norman is monitoring you with his voluminous new privacy terms. You need to act like a MAN instead of a child William! Can’t do it? Start your own bloody site after he finally banished you!

        • V.Lind says:

          Trump remains President until noon on January 20, 2021. Nobody is questioning that.

          It is traditional that the winner of the election is known as the President-Elect from the day after the election. It is not an official position, it is a description. Sort of like lame duck president.

          Clearly, the winner of the 2020 election is still being disputed (by a bunch of lunatics).

          • Deidre L. says:

            The Administrator of the GSA is still waiting for certain states to receive ballots via USPS mail, verify them, then count only the legal ballots.

            As the individual responsible for this task is female, it’s rather surprising to realize how anti-woman the Democrats truly are.

            With no clearly ascertained President Elect, the Left immediately showed how emotionally fragile they are yet again.

            Biden and the Democrats are facing uncertainty which may be due to Russian and facebook interference just as Hillary claimed in 2016 to this day. These folks need to patiently wait until only ALL legal votes have been counted and stop embarrassing themselves as usual. If they are so confident, why become unhinged immediately when the legal processes they themselves are depending on must be allowed to work? Throwing tantrums like an uneducated girl didn’t help Hillary over the last 4 years!

        • William Safford says:

          I already answered this elsewhere.

          The GSA Administrator refuses to do her job.

          The GSA Administrator does not decide who is President.

          The GSA Administrator initiates cooperation with the incoming new Administration, when a winner has been ascertained. It can always be stopped if there is a change in status of the President-Elect.

          This is supposed to be pro forma. It is not supposed to be politicized.

          By refusing to do her job, she has politicized her office, and thereby the transition.

          The winner of the November 3rd election was de fact ascertained weeks ago. At this point, all her predecessors have initiated cooperation with the incoming new Administration.

          She has not, thus breaking with precedent and possibly the law.

          She refuses to do her job. As a Republican political appointee by the Orange Enemy of the People, we can guess why she refuses to do her job.

          BTW, as others have repeatedly posted, of course the Orange Enemy of the People remains President. Unless he dies, is impeached and removed, or resigns, all of which are unlikely, he will remain President until January 20, 2021. He then will no longer be President, unless his increasingly-pathetic attempts to thwart the election succeed.

          As for the rest of your message and those of your sock puppets: I post facts and informed opinions. You do not.

        • William Safford says:

          Breaking news: the GSA *just* initiated the formal transition process.

          Again, the GSA does not determine the winner.

          But this does mean that President-Elect Biden and his staff received ascertainment. They will soon start to gain access to briefings, data, classified and other information, logistical and financial support, and more, as his transition team prepares for Biden to assume the Presidency on January 20, 2021.

          This is the first step in this process.

          It’s happening! And it’s about time.

        • William Safford says:

          Actually, the GSA just did. Breaking news.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Strictly speaking, the certification process goes on until January.

      However, it will take a coup to prolong Trump’s presidency beyond January 21, 2021.

      Biden is projected to win 302 electoral votes (270 needed to win the presidency). For good measure, his popular vote margin over Trump is 3.8%, and over 6,000,000 votes.

      Meantime, Trump is breaking new ground by refusing to acknowledge his defeat, and wreaking havoc on the transition.

      • Dave T says:

        That your straight forward, fact based response garnered almost as many down-votes as up- is either a sad indictment of the self-delusion of many Trumpsters or just plain sore-loserism. Either way, it’s pretty embarrassing for the USA.

    • American says:

      You asked for it—

      Biden has won enough electoral votes to be declared President-elect, by a wide margin. Almost 6 million more Americans voted for Biden than for Trump, and Biden has beaten Trump by more than 70 electoral votes. The official certifications are coming in state by state. Biden is already over the 270 electoral vote threshold, at 306.

      All of the electoral votes for each state go to the winner of that state’s popular vote. The candidate who reaches 270 electoral college votes wins the election. Biden is officially projected to have 306 electoral college votes, versus Trump’s 232. Incidentally, that was exactly the same difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Back then, Trump called his 306 electoral college votes a “landslide” win. Hillary Clinton didn’t contest the results, even though nearly 3 million more people voted for her, because Trump won more electoral college votes.

      In order for the results of the electoral college to be overturned in this election, there would have to be evidence of large scale fraud in at least five states. Hundreds of thousands of votes would have to be changed from Biden to Trump for Trump to get the electoral college votes he needed to win. Democrats and Republicans in those five states (that Trump was counting on and lost this time) would have had to engage in a massive crime and coverup that was only discovered after the election. No one can explain how any of that could happen with existing safeguards, but allegations of voter fraud continue.

      The other cockamamie plan would require persuading legislators from those five specific “swing states” to say they don’t accept the results of the popular vote. Instead of certifying their states for Biden as winner of the popular vote, those lawmakers would have to choose electors who would cast their votes for Trump, which would be against the law and the will of the people. Without any evidence of fraud, that’s impossible to justify.

      You may remember that in 2000, Bush v. Gore, Republicans needed only Florida to put Bush ahead in the electoral college. The popular vote there was close enough to sow doubt and a recount was ordered. Florida’s painstaking recount was stopped before it concluded because of what was later discovered to be a ploy by Republicans. The country’s fate was ultimately decided by one person—a Florida Republican who ruled that her state’s electors would go to Bush, giving him enough votes to win the electoral college. Democrats had to accept that, even though Gore won the popular vote, as did Clinton in 2016.

      Despite what they say to the press, Trump’s legal team is not alleging fraud in court, because there are consequences to lying to a judge under oath. What they have tried with their slew of lawsuits has been wholly unsuccessful. The clown show would be laughable if it weren’t such a waste of time and resources. Just today, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled against Trump’s attempt to steal 20 electoral college votes “with prejudice,” meaning the case cannot be taken up again. Pretending Trump shouldn’t concede isn’t a legal strategy; this is about public relations. His lawyers would have to convince multiple judges to—without evidence—rule against hundreds of thousands of Americans who’ve exercised their right to vote.

      It’s reported that Trump is aware he lost, but he wants to make the transition as difficult as possible for the Democrats, out of spite. We expect that behavior from him. What we don’t expect or accept is the silence of Republican lawmakers who allow him to further erode public trust. Their cowardice and cynicism is a disgrace. Republicans as a group are complicit in this attack on our democracy. It cannot be decried loudly enough.

      • V.Lind says:

        Yes: I don’t understand the Republican party. In their own self-interest, they ought to be making STRONG representations to this clown to try exercising some responsibility to his COUNTRY. By refusing the incoming administration access to crucial briefings on things, like Covid, that will go on long after Trump’s crowd is gone, they are only short-changing the American people.

        But it was never about them for Trump, as is increasingly clear. And while many Republicans are still rabidly pro-Trump, since they like government by ignorance, absent the use of fact or logic, and by a narcissist whose boasting alone would have had him laughed out of every room her entered a couple of decades ago, a lot more are getting pretty disgusted by this graceless performance. And it will hurt those Republicans still lining up with him.

        • Petros Linardos says:

          Arguably the present shameless questioning the legitimacy of Joseph Biden’s victory sets the stage for obstructionist politics during his term.

      • Maria says:

        Don’t you just love American politics! Supposed to be an example to the world but ends up as a big laduf as a soap opera. No one ever satisfied with who they get and no great advert for any country becoming a Republic. Thank God we have the Queen with Princes Charles and William to follow. At least we know who we’re getting for the next 70 years or so. In the meantime Prime Ministers come and go every five years from a system of voting most accept.

      • Danny Boy says:

        Bravo, American! Well explained.

        • Ulick Magee says:

          Neither of Biden’s parents or grandparents were born in Ireland, he cannot claim to be Irish. He does not hold irish nationality.

          • William Safford says:

            You’re beating a dead horse.

          • Danny Boy says:

            Oh for heaven’s sake. Would you please get it thru your think skull that Biden is not claiming to be Irish. If he were, he couldn’t be President of the US. Remember the whole Obama citizenship scandal with Trump trying to say he shouldn’t be president because he was not born in the US? Why on earth would a President Elect say he was of a different nationality? It would disqualify him.

            Biden is of Irish HERITAGE. His 3x great grandparents were Irish. At this point I am starting to wonder about YOUR heritage. You seem to be pretty slow on the uptake. Maybe YOUR ancestors were born in a zoo, or on another planet or something.

      • William Safford says:

        That is an excellent summary. Thank you.

        I’ll go a bit deeper into the weeds on one detail, since it could have become relevant:

        “All of the electoral votes for each state go to the winner of that state’s popular vote.”

        That is correct in 48 of the 50 states.

        The exceptions are Nebraska and Maine, which can under certain circumstances split their votes and allocate electors to both candidates.

        This did happen in this election in both states.

        All but one of the electors from Nebraska went to the Orange Enemy of the People. That one elector who went for Biden could have been the one elector to prevent a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College, had Biden lost Georgia and Nevada (I think–that’s off the top of my head).

        Biden did win Georgia and Nevada, so that scenario is moot. But it is a fascinating “what-if.”

        • American says:

          Thank you, William. I was oversimplifying, but it’s important to be accurate, I agree. This clarification and your other excellent comments are helpful.

          • William Safford says:

            You’re welcome. I really like your posts. You present the facts clearly and eruditely.

    • violafan says:

      Why don’t you ask one of Trump’s Qanon lawyers?

    • Distant Prommer says:

      Who is the election authority? Trump?

      • José Bergher says:

        No. The United States Electoral College.

        • EricB says:

          No, ultimately the Supreme Court.

          • V.Lind says:

            Try the General Services Administration.

          • William Safford says:

            V.Lind, here’s a small clarification for others: the General Services Administration does not choose the President.

            Background: “The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. GSA supplies products and communications for U.S. government offices, provides transportation and office space to federal employees, and develops government-wide cost-minimizing policies and other management tasks.” (Wikipedia)

            In the case of Presidential succession, the GSA coordinates with the members of the incoming Administration, to make a seamless transition from the November election of the new President, until the January inauguration of that new President.

            With a change of Administrations, there is a large turnover of political appointee staff, as well as the President and Vice-President. Members of the incoming Administration, from the President-Elect on down, need to be brought and kept up to date during this period of transition, to lessen the learning curve when the President-Elect becomes President.

            It is potentially hazardous for a new President to be kept completely in the dark about the inner workings of the government, including classified information.

            This happened to President Truman in 1945. FDR did not keep Vice-President Truman up to date. When FDR died, Truman had a massive learning curve, at the tail end of World War II.

            According to Wikipedia, Truman was almost two weeks into his wartime Presidency before he learned of the existence of the Manhattan Project!

            Truman subsequently pushed for an improved approach to the process of succession. He wanted other Presidents, from Eisenhower forward, to have a less abrupt transition than he did.

            The GSA takes care of coordinating this task.

            The person who initiates this process is the head of the GSA.

            Ordinarily it is pro forma for the head of the GSA to recognize the President-Elect and to initiate this process.

            The current one refuses to do her job, to the detriment of our country.

          • V.Lind says:

            Thanks. I was not implying that the GSA CHOSE the President — with any luck the voters do. As I understand it they manage the certification.

            Anyway, it may all be moot. The Big Baby has made a grudging acknowledgement that the end is nigh.

          • William Safford says:

            The Supreme Court does not decide the Presidential election.

            Under certain circumstances, it can rule on a legal issue that can de facto lead to a particular outcome, as happened in 2000 when the Court interfered with that election with a 5-4 ruling that even it attempts to disclaim as precedent-setting. But the Court does not de jure choose the winner.

            The 12th Amendment of the Constitution provides that, if for whatever reason, the electors cannot choose a President, then the election goes to the House of Representatives. Once there, it is not a simple majority vote; instead, the vote is by state. (It can get even more complicated than that.) The procedure is spelled out in the Amendment. As it stands, the Republicans would have an upper hand in a vote in the House, even though the House is currently controlled by Democrats.

            This is what the Orange Enemy of the People is attempting to do: he is attempting to delegitimize the legitimate vote. He would love to have electors chosen in several states that are controlled by Republican legislatures but where Biden won the popular vote, that thwart the popular vote in enough states to have him steal the election from Biden. Failing that, he wants to prevent a successful vote for Biden in the Electoral College, and thereby send the election to the House, where in all likelihood he would prevail.

            This must be stopped.

          • Come on man! says:

            For the sake of blacks everywhere in America, hopefully racist Joe will loose in the upcoming SCOTUS renderings.

            Biden built his fortune on the enslavement of blacks with his 1994 Crime Bill that Billy Clinton codified into law. Their “investment” in prison construction paid off handsomely considering their white privileged lives.

            SOURCE: CNN “the most TRUSTED name in news”

          • William Safford says:

            Oh, give it a rest. Stop with the lies and the twisting of facts to suit your bigoted fantasies.

            The Corrupt Racist Bigoted Orange Enemy of the People lost, fair and square, despite all the dirty tricks he and his corrupt minions attempted and continues to attempt to pull.

            Crawl back under your rock.

          • Marc Telford says:

            “CNN anchor presses Biden campaign adviser on crime bill” is CNN’s OWN VIDEO you conceited dummies including ‘America’!!!!!!

            It very clearly presents the Democrat’s RACIST KKK past expressed in recent times! Simone Sanders can’t proffer a cogent rebuttal as usual since history and FACTS sure aren’t on her side when the truth is spoken.

            This is the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994“ that a TX Dem and both NY Chuck Schumer D co-sponsored BTW along with another Dem from NJ and Bill Clinton SIGNED you MORONS!!!

            Harris called him out on his racism during the DNC conventions before she mismanaged her funds and pulled out of the race only to crawl up under him later like the KKK wench she is. Remember?

            Now you people are conveniently anti-CNN because they exposed both Biden’s true feelings regarding blacks as well as Schumer’s and Bill Clinton’s who SIGNED the bill into LAW. You and the other Norm-bots keep getting your little arguments easily quashed no matter the multiple, exhaustive, truculent comments.

            What’s funny is that these FACTS are from CNN and Victor didn’t back down on behalf of the black community the Democrats DESTROYED as they always do!

            As the presidential election continues to be both counted and questioned, the upcoming SCOTUS rulings will render quite a different outcome.

            Oh, here’s what’s called a factual source boys & girls:

            Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone (bot or not)!

          • William Safford says:

            Which sock puppet are you?

            Your post goes to show how one tiny kernel of fact can be twisted to create a penumbra of bigoted lies.

            It is a fact that, a hundred years ago, KKK members were primarily–but not exclusively–Democrats.

            These KKK members and their white supremacist sympathizers left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party in droves, starting in the 1960s.

            What prompted them to leave the Democratic Party? President Lyndon Johnson’s support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which effectively dismantled American apartheid in the Southern states. These white supremacist Dixiecrat Democrats felt betrayed by their party and their President.

            To its discredit, the Republican Party welcomed these racist white supremacists with open arms, via then-candidate Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

            The South has been almost completely a one-party region ever since: the Republican Party. They also have pretty much taken over the Republican Party, which had heretofore had as its power center the Northeast and Ohio.

            These white supremacist bigots and their political descendants dominate the Republican Party to this day.

            That is why it is so heartening that President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris won Virginia and Georgia, and came very close in Texas and North Carolina: the white supremacist grip on the South is finally starting to break.

            Oh–you misspelled Symone’s name. Misspelling names and words seems to be a trend in sock puppet messages.

          • Bill Cox says:

            Your inability to accept history and zeal to segregate is both comical and your usual downfall William.

            FACT Democrats are the proud founders of the KKK.

            FACT. Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN then of the burgeoning National Union freed the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation.

            FACT. Democrats cum Leftists always USE blacks like pawns when it’s election time and abandon them morally/financially. The black crime-ridden, low-income, poor school system neighborhoods people like you avoid are ALWAYS Democrat run. You have no black neighbors but some black ‘friends’ you conveniently interact with at protests and riots William. That’s all. See it all the time with your kind…

            Oh – Predictably you said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to counter Biden’s repeat of Democrat’s white supremacist history in supporting the ‘94 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. It was an all DEMOCRAT concoction under your Clinton Administration while Billy was busy spawning #metoo lawsuits with multiple women as Hillary put up with him only to keep her STATUS. Try looking at the FACTS William, you know the official LINK to the Bill and CNN’s own failure to adequately report anything different. Glad Zucker is on his way out with his NBC tabloid trash carryover to CNN. Sick of him too! They’re losing tons of money putting sloppy, argumentative people like you on the air nobody cares about.

            Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the commenters (Norm-bot or not)!

          • Jenny Brunt (she, her, feminist) says:

            Great comment!

            It’s curious though as to why there is no legitimate excitement about Biden from both the living and the dead that appear to have voted for him so far.

            Jim Clyburn has already called Biden out for his impotence in tapping blacks for key administrative positions. Kamala ain’t black so no credit applied.

            The Progressive Voice says:

            How will Biden’s immense White Privilege help him going forward?

          • William Safford says:

            Which sock puppet are you?

            In Pennsylvania, there was a documented case of individual voter ballot fraud. A living person attempted to place a vote for a dead person.

            He wanted to fraudulently vote for the Orange Enemy of the People.


            “Robert R. Lynn, a registered Republican and Trump supporter in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly requesting an absentee ballot for his mother, who died in 2015.”

            “County prosecutors have told local news outlets that it is the first case of alleged voter fraud in the county in three decades. County election authorities flagged the ballot request as suspicious in September, triggering the investigation that led to Lynn’s arrest. Lynn allegedly first denied the allegations to detectives, before admitting to the deed.”

          • William Safford says:

            Which sock puppet are you?

            Repeating your lies over and over again do not make them any more true.

            Why do you feel such an urge to lie over and over again? Why do you feel the urge to make your lies so blatantly racist and bigoted?

            Perhaps it’s because you want to be just like your lying bigoted leader?

            Your Great Prevaricating Leader, the Orange Enemy of the People, has specialized in this effort. He is documented at having uttered over 20,000 lies during his time in office.

            His minions continue to lie, even as judge after judge toss out the lie-based lawsuits. Even a judge whom he nominated to the bench, slapped down one of his suits with firm language that made clear just how baseless the suit was.

            There’s a funny thing about all those lawyers who are filing all of these baeless suits. They say all sorts of things in press conferences about voter fraud and corruption outside of the courtroom. But when they’re before a judge, they suddenly change their tune.

            Why? Because they are under oath and acting as officers of the court. They know that they can be fined, sanctioned, disbarred, or worse for lying in the courtroom. Hmmmmmm….

            President Lincoln was, indeed, a Republican. If he were alive, he would be disgusted by the state of the Republican Party, and revolted by its incompetent orange abomination of a corrupt cultish leader. It is no longer his party.

            Republicans and Democrats have swapped places: now it’s the Democratic Party that supports civil rights, and the Republican Party that undermines them. You are evidence of this.

            Most Republicans today are of four basic types: fanatic True Believers; opportunistic corrupt followers and/or enablers of the Orange One; pusillanimous ones who are too afraid to do the right thing; and a few Never Trumpers with a spine and a moral center. Kudos to the last group.

            Your cult leader lost. Get over it. Let go of the lies. If you are religious, atone for your sins. Get a life.

          • American says:

            Loose? Why can’t you learn how to spell lose? Are you incapable of taking in new information? Misspelling the same word over and over is a dead giveaway that you are one troll, writing under hundreds of names, as if you’re part of an army of MAGAtards.

          • Yuri Solkoloff says:

            Loose likely refers to your hole as your fixated on it constantly. No doubt due to not only your head among other things being lodged up there. Take heart, Bigoted Biden will get tossed back into the dumpster soon so you’ll have a play date for sausage stuffing. It’s diverse considering your heritage!

          • William Safford says:

            You’re just sore that the Orange One lost.

            Get over it. He lost fair and square. And the country and the world are all the better for his loss.

            Biden has a huge task ahead of him, to fix everything that the Orange One broke. That alone will be a full-time job.

    • William Safford says:

      A big hurdle was just overcome. The rest is still technically in process, and will be for several more weeks. That is normal.

      What I hope are the last vestiges of resistance to the outcome of the election are falling by the wayside.

      Breaking news: the GSA *just* initiated the formal transition process.

      Again, the GSA does not determine the winner.

      But this does mean that President-Elect Biden and his staff received ascertainment. They will soon start to gain access to briefings, data, classified and other information, logistical and financial support, and more, as his transition team prepares for Biden to assume the Presidency on January 20, 2021.

      This is the first step in this process.

      It’s happening! And it’s about time.

    • William Safford says:

      Today, the Electoral College electors cast their votes.

      They officially ratified that Joe Biden is the President-Elect, with the same margin of electoral college victory as the Orange Enemy of the People received four years ago.

      Of course, the popular vote was millions higher for Joe Biden than for Orange One.

      There are a few more steps between now and the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021.

      No problem–Joe Biden is President-Elect. He will be President in just over a month from now.

      The Orange Sore Loser will then be a private citizen.

  • NotToneDeaf says:

    I guess Biden isn’t aware that there are a few decent American classical musicians.

  • Jonisha says:

    Another white!!

  • Greg Bottini says:

    I was not familiar with Patricia Treacy before hearing this clip.
    She sounds wonderful, and I’m sure she’ll be a big hit at Joe’s inauguration.

    • Patrick says:

      Amateur with an electric violin! Well, it is for an American President, who has romantic notions about his supposed lineage from Ireland. The war chest for continuing political strife with the UK shall be copiously filled….

      • Greg Bottini says:

        “Amateur with an electric violin!”
        Well I guess your fake posting name, “Patrick”, must be a pseudonym for Alison Krauss, being that your brief review of Ms. Treacy’s fiddling is so confident and assured, and was obviously born of personal experience.
        (I’ll refer you to all the other comments on this post regarding Joe Biden’s Irish background. I don’t want to get into another argument with yet another MAGAt.)

    • Greg says:

      Biden probably sniffed her up at some point and now needs to buy her silence about it.

  • Alank says:

    Is this picture before or after he sniffed her hair?

  • Ulick Magee says:

    Biden is as Irish as a VW Polo.

  • Ulick Magee says:

    She plays in the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland a sort of West East Divan youth band. Funded via a donor Peace fund.

  • Ulick Magee says:

    Biden is still trying to milk his dubious Irish connections, despite the name Biden being unknown in Ireland. Biden originates from Somerset, so he should really be saying ” Oh aar” like the Wurzels. He is as Irish as VW Polo.

    Wurzels Cider Drinker.

    • V.Lind says:

      For God’s sake, you people, Biden’s Irish connection is through his maternal line. Grow up.

      • Dander says:

        Biden is not Irish he is a bloody Yank, wise up.

        • V.Lind says:

          If you could read, you would note that I said “Irish connection.” He is DESCENDED from Irish people through his mother’s line. All Americans are descended from someone from somewhere else. What exactly is the objection to him valuing his Irish roots?

      • Dander says:

        He cannot speak Irish, he was not born there, he is not an Irish citizen, you wise up.

        • Danny Boy says:

          Ulick or Dander or whichever of your many alias you prefer: you keep referring to language of Ireland as “Irish”. I am now doubting that you are even Irish, because the language of Ireland is Gaelic. Sometimes called Irish Gaelic, but to “speak Irish” is like saying someone “speaks American”. It’s not actually correct. A true Irish person would refer to their own language correctly.

          You are revealing yourself as probably a disgruntled Trump supporter who’s attacking Biden with your peripheral knowledge of what is or is not Irish. I believe that you are actually English, with some trivial knowledge about Ireland which you are throwing around here under your many fake Irish aliases.

          You are probably an elderly Englishman who is pro-Brexit and you hate Biden because you know he is against it, and will incorporate Ireland into that fight. You almost sound like that character named Bortlsap, who often comments here under various aliases. He is what, Dutch? Is that who you are? You are no Irishman, sir.

          Go back to sleep, old man. You know nothing about Biden, the US and very little of importance about Ireland.

      • Danny Boy says:

        Thank you, V. Lind. I like your comments on this topic. You’ve probably noticed this but “Ulick” person is posting the same comments under different aliases. There’s just one of him, fortunately.

  • Quis Paget Entrat says:

    Ulick Magee is correct about Biden. His name does not appear in the Annals of Ulster or any other Irish Annals or the College of Arms.

    According to Ancestry UK, Biden is most common in SW England, Somerset. What is known as the West Country.

    The occupations listed for the name Biden in 1939 were as follows:

    Painter & Decorator 43%
    Bus Driver 29%
    Gas Fitter 29%

  • Ulick Magee says:

    Biden is barking up the wrong tree. In terms of percentages, Hispanics are 18% in US, Irish have declined or mixed at 10%, so if he hopes for votes next time he should look elsewhere.

    Like most Yanks he has an over romanticized view of Ireland. We are no longer living in thatched white washed cottages out in the Bog without running water, Mass attendance has gone apart from the old folk, we are now a hi tech knowledge economy integrated into the EU. We look East not West anymore. That is where the culture is.

    • Danny Boy says:

      Look, “Ulick”, he is not going after votes. Can you possibly get that thru your thick, obviously elderly head? We are not living in Hollywood in the 1930’s. Irish Americans do not vote as a group. You are stuck on that image & it’s out of date.

      Why are you whining so much about Biden’s Irish heritage? It will only work to your advantage. The Irish press is already saying this will benefit foreign policy in favor of Ireland. What is your problem with that?

      Who cares if we “Yanks” (that’s derogatory BTW. Do you like being called a “Mick”?) have a romanticized view of Ireland? Leave us our fairy tales. We support your tourism industry, your culture & now your position in foreign policy. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      Your view of Irish Americans is also a fantasy. You think we are some kind of club that politicians need to court. That view is rooted in some very outdated Hollywood films that you’re apparently stuck on.

      Irish Americans, as of 2017, are 10.1% of the US population. We are well integrated, we don’t all have Irish names, we vote as individuals, and we like to celebrate our Irish heritage. Please stop trying to define us by old Hollywood movies & if we have a President who favors your country, just enjoy it.

    • King Billy says:

      Has Trump moved out yet? I think they will do a double act like NI!

      You could vote for either of them, a real Hobson’s choice, a fake orange wig or a fake Paddy.

    • V.Lind says:

      I’m not worried about Americans’ romanticised view of Ireland, I am worried about their romanticised view of America.

    • McBreen says:

      Yes I doubt Biden knows about Father Ted or Dave Allen. The Department of Foreign Affairs now stimulates that anyone claiming to be Irish must know the name of the priest, which Mrs Doyle took so long guessing at.

      • V.Lind says:

        Well, if he doesn’t know about Father Ted he is to be spared something. I recently heard something about it and decided I had to give it a try. I managed to slug through the first two episodes, but regretted the waste of an hour — I found it profoundly unfunny and very simple-minded.

      • Danny Boy says:

        Ulick, or McBreen, or Eamonn etc, since you are all the same person, I will address this to you: here is the documentation of Joe Biden’s Irish heritage, completed by IRISH genealogists at the IRISH Family History Centre in IRELAND. There’s family tree in the article. Just for the record, his father’s family name is Blewitt, which is from County Cork.

        You are contradicting the research of professional Irish genealogists if you claim Biden is not of Irish heritage. I am also a genealogist of Irish heritage and I will run you to into ground on this topic. You are dead wrong.

      • Danny Boy says:

        Does the Department of Foreign Affairs stimulate often?

  • Ulick Magee says:

    Neither of Biden’s parents were born in Ireland, he does not hold Irish nationality, he cannot claim to be Irish.

    • Eamonn O'Dwyer says:

      Yes, many Yanks persists in this delusion. They have never set foot in the auld sod. They are just plain Yanks.

    • Danny Boy says:

      Oh please stop talking to yourself, Ulick. You are “puppeting” and having a conversation with yourself with 5 different aliases here which all show up as the same IP no.

      Of course he’s not an Irish citizen! He couldn’t be president of the US if he were! You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

  • William Safford says:

    She has a pretty sound. Thank you for posting that link.

  • EricB says:

    Hope they have a refundable flight ticket…

  • bystander says:

    33 million Americans have Irish ancestry, over six times the entire population of Ireland. They predominate in management positions and have an average income considerably higher than the national average. The pattern continues to some degree. 144,588 Irish immigrants became naturalized US residents in 2010. Both parents of President, Andrew Jackson, immigrated from Country Antrim, Ireland. We had a President a few decades ago who also had strong Irish roots. He was assassinated. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. I suspect Biden’s Catholicism can be traced back to his mother’s Irish roots.

    • Danny Boy says:


      Love the Seamus Heaney quote mentioned in the article below which Biden used in the 1st presidential debate: “They look down their nose on people like Irish Catholics and like me and people who don’t have money.” That’s the heritage that Biden comes from. Irish Catholic immigrants who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps in a new country. And look where so many of them are now, how much they’ve achieved! That’s why Biden is proud of his ancestry.

      Here’s another lovely article by a genealogist about Joe Biden’s Irish heritage, with some interesting personal details!

    • Eamonn O'Dwyer says:

      They are not Irish, they have interbred, America is 57 varieties man.

  • WB Yeats says:

    Biden cannot speak a word of Irish, he was not born in Ireland and neither his parents were, some distant relative in 1840 proves nothing, they have interbred, its 57 varieties in US. If Biden claims to be Irish, why does he not live in Ireland and speak Irish? Because he is American and has lost his identity in the multicultural mix that is the US.

    • Danny Boy says:

      You can’t speak “Irish” either, you old fart. If you were actually Irish you called the language by its proper name, which is Gaelic. Only 39% of Ireland speaks it.

      Biden lives in the US because he is a US citizen. You live under a rock because you are a troll.

      You are an imposter. You are not even Irish yourself. You give yourself Irish puppet sock names here and you keep quoting some ridiculous TV sitcom which ran for 3 years in the early 1990’s, which was actually produced by the UK.

      OK, now EVERYONE here knows who Father Ted is.

      Your obsession with the show is comparable to saying that anyone who doesn’t know what happened in episode 3 of Blossom or Fresh Prince of Bel Air (both of which also ran in the US in the ’90’s but for twice as long as “Father Ted”) cannot be considered a US citizen.

      Biden is 5/8 Irish. Period. It’s been documented by Irish genealogists. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

      So here’s one that will real beffudle you: Barack Obama also has Irish ancestors. He’s a Healy and his people are from the little town of Moneygall in Ireland. He has cousins there. His roots to this town have brought it prosperity, fame and economic success. What’s your problem with that, you xenophobic old troll?

  • Daz says:

    I am no fan of Biden or Trump, I could not vote for either, thank god I don’t have to live there. A real melting pot of a place.

  • St. Patrick's Aunt says:

    Nobody I know in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Wexford, Ballyjamesduff, Newtownmountkennedy etc thinks Biden is Irish. He is just an American.

    America is a melting pot. If Biden cannot identify the episode of Father Ted in which Mrs Doyle has to guess the name of a visiting priest to Parochial House on Craggy Island, he is not Irish.

    Biden must think Ireland is all Leprechauns, blarney, woolly donkeys and dancing on the cross roads! We have moved on since then. That auld kitsch is for US tourists of a certain age.

  • Hans Sachs says:

    Do German Americans say they are German? It seems as Ulick Magee points out that being a melting pot has its drawbacks. You end up loosing your identity completely.

    • McBreen says:

      Yes indeed, once they leave their motherland soil they become part of a multi-ethnic melting pot.

      • V.Lind says:

        I don’t know — we seem to hear quite a bit about Italian-Americans.

        And, God know, for a relatively small community, we certainly hear a hell of a lot about and from the Cuban-Americans. One might say a disproportionate amount.

    • William Safford says:

      Many American immigrants assimilate completely. Many others maintain a connection with the mother country in one form or another, and to a greater or lesser degree. Later generations tend not to maintain as close ties or nostalgic connections as did earlier generations.

      Almost all ethnic groups have faced discrimination in the U.S. in one form or another, some worse than others. Often, immigrants would assimilate completely, if they could. Often, they would create or join fraternal or other associations. Sometimes they would do a bit of both. Then there are those who were brought here against their will, e.g. slaves and the abominable slave trade.

      Often, immigrants from a particular country are associated with a particular location in the U.S. For example, when one thinks of Americans with an Irish background, one thinks first of Boston, even though you can find Americans of Irish background throughout the U.S. Ditto Americans of Polish background in Chicago, Americans of Scandinavian background in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Americans of Hmong background in and near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Americans of Portuguese background in Fall River, MA, etc.

      Just to pick one city name out of a hat, the city of Utica, NY is known in recent years for welcoming immigrants and refugees with open arms. It has two communities in particular: Bosnian-Americans, and Vietnamese-Americans.

      Many Americans of German ancestry do celebrate their German heritage, just as many Americans of Italian ancestry celebrate their Italian heritage, many Americans of Polish ancestry celebrate their Polish heritage, many Americans of Jamaican ancestry celebrate their Jamaican heritage, and so on.

      Where I live has an Italian-American club, a Polish-American club, etc. This is routine; the details differ from place to place, but the idea is constant. It also has neighborhoods that at one time contained clusters of families from particular backgrounds, and churches, synagogues, etc. that at one time were associated with these ethnic neighborhoods: a Catholic church that catered to the Italians in the Italian neighborhood, where Italian (and Latin) were spoken; one for Irish; etc. With passing generations, most have assimilated, but vestiges remain, including the clubs and the churches (at least the ones that haven’t closed).

      Of course, in the case of German-Americans, this process was set back to a certain degree due to the two world wars, and discrimination they often faced because of guilt by association.

      This also relates to music. For example, rehearsals of the Chicago Symphony were held in German early in the 20th century, due to the high percentage of German immigrants in the orchestra. This caused some problems during WWI.

      The son of a Chicago Symphony member from WWII days once talked to me with displeasure about how some people treated those German-American musicians during WWII. After all, the musicians were not combatants or sympathizers with the Nazis. Most had been in the U.S. for decades, long before the rise of Hitler. Others escaped Germany.

      With the American melting pot, you both lose your previous identity, and contribute to the new American identity. For example, Chinese immigrants to California in the 19th and early 20th centuries opened restaurants; now, Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous and part of the American dining experience.

  • William Safford says:

    It would have been nice to have heard Patricia Treacy today. Perhaps she can perform for another event for President Biden.