If private prayer is OK, why not relay music from church?

The baritone Thomas E. Bauer will take over Augsburg Cathedral for 24 hours with a relay of friends to pray and sing non-stop Palestrina for online broadcast.

Now that’s creative thinking.

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  • In the UK, relaying music from a church or other place of worship is absolutely fine, as long as there’s no congregation and it’s Covid-secure. See BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong for the last few weeks, and the private enterprises of many organists, choir directors and priests.

  • A local church is offering regular socially-distanced virtual recitals. The only people in the church are the performer(s)–mostly solo with or without piano accompaniment. The musicians are local. Video and sound equipment are set up ahead of time.

    It’s a way for musicians to perform, for audiences to listen, and for members of the congregation to congregate virtually around a shared love of music. It’s a win-win under the circumstances.

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