Cleveland cancels Christmas

Press release:

Today, The Cleveland Orchestra announced the cancellation of the 2020 Christmas concert series at Severance Hall December 10-23, 2020 due to the recent and continued rise of positive cases of Covid-19 across the state in order to maintain the health and safety of audiences, musicians, staff and volunteers.



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    Hmmmm…. I see that an orchestra cancelled some concerts due to safety concerns, but nowhere in the news did I see Christmas being cancelled by a major American city.

    • They ARE online and use the app Adella to stream. It is the best video and sound I have come across. The last two LIVE concerts featured Manny Ax and Yefim Bronfman. Some of the content is behind a paywall.

    • Excellent, once again the Royal Philharmonic Society has made awards to many deserving companies. Do go to their site and listen to John Gilhooly’s excellent speech regarding the present situation affecting musicians – “160,000 will be unemployed by Christmas and some are already having to go to food banks.”

      • I was actually quite surprised not to read more about this @SD.

        Perhaps someone is still writing up the full coverage or just put off by “Conductor Award goes to Dalia Stasevska for the energy and integrity she has brought to her new association with the BBC Symphony Orchestra”?

        I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  • You can’t say “Christmas”. It’s the “holidays” season: there’s Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Boxing Day, Omizoka, and, who really knows may or may not be, Jesus’s birthday.

    And if the Cleveland Orchestra really wants to reach out, it better have a Kwaanza Concert next year.

  • They canceled Christmas but will be observing Kwaanza so that they stay politically correct and move forward on engagement, outreach, and other buzzwords important to the corner offices.

  • Oh boy, they cancelled Christmas. Wear that face diaper and make sure you hide under your covers for the next 5-6 years Santa Baby

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