Chief steps down at London agency

Rachel van Walsum has stepped down as managing director at Maestro Arts, staying on as an artist manager. Jordi Martín Mont, who has been with the company since it started in 2011, is the new MD.

She says: ‘As a team, we’ve always prided ourselves in being flexible and able to anticipate the appropriate moment to make positive change. Jordi has an excellent strategic mind and fabulous energy, and this is the right time for him to lead Maestro Arts onwards.’

He says: ‘There is a lot of work to be done to make sure that people who aren’t yet interested in classical music can discover something valuable in it, and everyone in the business shares that duty.’



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  • Rachel is sweet and, as many have said on many occasions, far too good and nice a person to be in that business. Many were surprised she re-opened after pulling away from the old VW agency (latterly ICA – and then, well, we all know what SW did).

    I hope Jordi continues Rachel’s great work ethos.


      • Indeed we do.

        And thanks so much – I’m thrilled you’ve been triggered enough by my challenging of the status quo that you registered and post with a nickname that is a variation on mine.
        Brilliant stuff

        I do hope your boss gives you some bonus points for initiative.


          • True. But the artist management business was destroyed in the process. All that work put in by Joeske and Rachel – what a waste.

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