Canadian to head Sweden’s Royal Opera

It has been announced that the international stage director Michael Cavanagh will be the new artistic director of opera at the Royal Opera in Stockholm from next year.

He succeeds Birgitta Svendén, who has been in the post for 11 years.


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  • This is fantastic news. I worked (as a chorister) in numerous productions directed by Michael. He is brilliant, organized and very funny. A real pleasure to work with. I wish him the best.

  • This is wonderful news. I am ecstatic. Congratulations Michael. You are truly a wonderful imaginative director as well as being a caring, supportive colleague with all who
    interact with you in whatever capacity. Hey World… Take note …you are dealing with an amazing talented man who will continue to go far!!!!! Meget Stor Gratulerer!!!

    Your ever admiring friend and colleague,
    Lary Benson

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