Canada honours outspoken violinist

Canada honours outspoken violinist


norman lebrecht

November 28, 2020

The Order of Canada has been bestowed on the violinist Lara St.John, who may now place the letters CM after her name.

Lara’s courageous openness about the sexual abuse she experienced at the Curtis Institute led to an extensive investigation, an apology and a promise of reforms.


Also honoured with the CH is the pianist Christina Petrowska Quilicoand the late pianist Marietta Orlov.


  • Emil says:

    Also Roger Dubois, from Canimex, that has been tremendously generous with classical musicians in Québec. Canimex, among others, sponsors a string quartet, multiple stipends and studentships, several fine string instruments for the OSM principals (except concertmaster Andrew Wan, whose violin is lent by David Sela), and bought the Octobass for the orchestra.

    • Daniel Poulin says:

      The word “generous” is often used or abused, but in Mr. Dubois’ case it is most appropriate. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and I truly enjoyed his very spontaneous endeavor to offer his help to contribute to the success of any project that would promote classical music in any shape or form. A million thanks, Sir.

  • Marfisa says:

    The citation for Lara St John reads: “For pushing the boundaries of classical interpretation as a solo violinist and for supporting diversity in the arts.” Not for exposing sexual abuse at Curtis. More misleading clickbait copy.

  • Richard Zencker says:

    A very fine violinist, whose album covers I remember, but not Curtis stories. There was strange collaboration with Magnus Fiennes (brother of the actor, I think). I liked the earlier work better…