Brooklyn chief quits

Katy Clark is leaving Brooklyn Academy of Music after five years ‘upon accepting another opportunity’. (Why so coy?)


It just shows there’s life after Brooklyn.

Read here.

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    • What communism? You people are a century out of date. You don’t even understand the difference between socialism, which for some reason you dread, and social democracy, which you more or less have but are the worst exemplar of in the developed world.

      • As a lifelong NYer I can only say thank you for this reality check. People have loved screaming about socialism for decades but they’ll sing a different tune as soon as their social security benefits and medicare dry up.

      • What’s more, even the Vietnam and China barely bother to pretend they’re practicing Communism anymore. Totally a bogeyman of the last century.

      • You’re both probably right. My wish is that she was politely saying that it was nobody’s business but her own — but as her next opportunity is probably fairly public, I guess all she is saying is that she will tell you when it suits all concerned.

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