Berlin renews opera chief

Berlin Senator Klaus Lederer has renewed the head of Barenboim’s opera house for another four years. Barenboim’s post is nominally for life, with the orchestra at least.

Lederer said:

‘After the long restoration of the opera house Unter den Linden, Matthias Schulz oversaw the company’s relocation back to its original home and its repositioning in the international music scene. I am personally very pleased that I was able to win Matthias Schulz for an extension and that he will now stay for another four years. I am convinced that he is the right person to continue to manage the Staatsoper with skill and the necessary foresight.’


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  • Barenboims contract is not for life. He is chief conductor of the Staatskapelle, the house band, for life. However his contract as GMD of the Staatsoper runs out in 2027.

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