Andrea Bocelli’s Amazing G.

You see it here first.

The other one’s Alison Krauss.


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  • Norman, “the other one” is a grievous slight to one of the most outstanding folk-bluegrass artists in the business. With her band “Union Station” Alison Krauss has made several best selling recordings and has a flock of loyal fans. This glamorous setting does not present her at her best.

  • “The other one’s Alison Krauss.”
    A very dismissive statement to make about a supremely talented singer, songwriter, pianist, and bluegrass fiddler and mandolinist. Alison Krauss made her professional debut at 8 years old, and fronted her own band by the time she was 10. She made her first record at age 14, and today is a major force in the American bluegrass / roots music scene.
    She sounds lovely in this duet, and although I don’t like the soupy, schmaltzy arrangement at all, AK and AB sing well together.

  • I enjoy Bocelli quite a lot, but Alison Krauss is an angel. And what too few people get to hear is her playing. She is an incredible musician as well.

  • The greatest voice I have ever heard Andrea Bocelli is AMAZING BLESSED WITH A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT AND A WONDERFUL GIFT..

  • A bit too much Bocelli on this website… let’s not be blind to the problem. Will there soon be 2 articles per week about André Rieu as well? Success is lovely, but over-promotion is not.

  • Why can’t pop singers sing a spoken and musical phrase together in one breath without everyone broken up into three, or a breath after every second word? So laboured, it makes me feel exhausted! Nice idea though.

    • “Why can’t pop singers sing a spoken and musical phrase together in one breath”

      For the same reason that so many can’t get by without Autotune or Melodyne.

  • Bocelli s voice is a shameful ruin, but his merit is finding female voices that reveal their special beauty when duetting with his.

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