Aix roars back with Rattle’s Tristan

Festival d’Aix-en-Provence has released early plans for next summer. Topping the bill is Tristan und Isolde conducted by Simon Rattle, directed by Simon Stone.

The cast: Stuart Skelton, Nina Stemme, Jamie Barton, Franz-Josef Selig, Josef Wagner.

The London Symphony Orchestra will be in the pit, Brexit permitting.


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    • his RING there was a mixed bag and what he did in all his years at the Salzburg Easter Festival was nothing great either

      • He definitely isn’t the best Wagnerian but the concert performance of Tristan I attended in Berlin a few years ago was wonderful. But then it might just be that it was brilliant because of the Berlin Phil…

  • Rattle’s Wagner is about as interesting as a generic toilet seat, in my opinion.

    Stemme will be wonderful as always. The rest, probably not.

    What a mismatched cast/conductor.


    • It could be that many on this blog who criticise him and his work, are mere onlookers who have not worked with him, but happen to have read or heard others’ opinions about him.

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