A gay violinist confronts Trump supporters

On election night in Florida a group of Trump supporters went down to Wilton Manors with a view of provoking its mainly-gay residents.

They reckoned without Stephen Neil.

He got out his violin. And an amplifier.

More here.


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  • The title does nothing for the equality of violinists. It perpetuates discrimination. Why should it matter that he was a violinist?

  • Could you please get off your Anti-Trump hobbyhorse? I have not ever seen one comment of yours regarding the burgeoning Anti-Semitism of the progressive left in America including Democrats like Omar and Talib who were enthusiastically endorsed by Biden and Pelosi Go back to covering music gossip and obituaries please.

    • Hi Sue,

      I’ve been waiting a long time to say this to you.

      You lost. Biden will be your president.

      Have a great day 🙂

  • Trump supporters are by definition homophobic.
    These MAGAts have drunk the Trump Kool-Aid and blindly support anything he says or does.
    Stephen Neil is a brave individual, that’s for sure. He could have easily gotten beat up, or worse. (As we’ve all seen, MAGAts are certainly not averse to violence.)
    I’m relieved that he’s OK, and inspired by the fact that he combatted hatred with his music.
    Bravo, Stephen!

    • oh well if the hornet app (i’m gay and never heard of it) says so, it MUST be true! LOL

      Trump LOST! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • The Democrats with their constant violence, doxing, fires, canceling and looting are MUCH worse than just a few people merely peacefully protesting.

    As usual there’s no backstory or context as to why Trump supporters are present other than standing against pedophilia which the left still embraces.

    They aren’t covered in black beating and murdering anybody like the deplorable left, so it’s no big deal.

  • Given the propensity of the president’s supporters for violence, that took guts. I particularly like the performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

  • Since you seem to enjoy trump fans and their bigoted ideas in these forums (while silencing those who oppose them), I fail to understand what your point is, Mr. Lebrecht… Do you support this violinist or not?
    I’d guess that anything is good for clicks… Right?

  • Stephen Neil must be a racist. He must be happy that the segregationist, whose only accomplishment is authoring the bill, sending more Black and Brown people to prison, looks to be the new POTUS.

    Of course, his running mate did the same for California.

    Guess Neil is showing his happiness of not having the threat of BIPOC neighbors, thanks to Biden/Harris.

    • Trump supporters really live in a delusional dimension.

      Black people overwhelmingly voted for Biden and probably are the reason we finally got rid of Trump. GOOD RIDDANCE 🙂

  • I don’t know whether Harris was “tough on crime” in California but she did not prosecute the devious and greedy lenders who in many cases broke California law and regulations foreclosing on homes with subprime mortgages that the home owners were suckered into into California.

    As far as Trump is concerned, although I have no doubt that many of his supporters are anti gay he himself has never said anything against gays or gay marriage and in fact I understand attended at least 1 gay marriage before he became president.

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