Two artist agencies go for ‘restructuring’

Two artist agencies go for ‘restructuring’


norman lebrecht

October 02, 2020

As Covid bites deep, two agencies are slimming down to face the future.

Solea, in Paris, has laid off one senior agent (out of four) and cut back on 11 artists and ensembles.

They have also added the young Bulgarian violinist Liya Petrova to the list.


Founder Romain Blondel says:

These past 6 months have been exceptionally trying for our industry, but they have also been the opportunity to observe the evolution of the industry and consider the current and future role of Solea Management.

To maintain the high standards set from the start of Solea Management, it is essential to focus on what has distinguished the company since 2005 : scouting outstanding talents, establishing career-development strategies and offering tailored management for high-level international careers. Therefore we are restructuring our roster to represent the following select list  primarily made up of international soloists. All artists are represented in general management unless otherwise specified.

Piano : Eric Le Sage, Roger Muraro, Menahem Pressler (various territories), Beatrice Rana
Violin : Simone Lamsma, Liya Petrova* 
Viola: Lise Berthaud 
Cello: Antonio Meneses, Jean-Guilhen Queyras (France, Switzerland),
Flute : Emmanuel Pahud (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and South America)
Recorder: Lucie Horsch 
Organ: Olivier Latry 
Organ and harpsichord: Benjamin Alard 
Ensemble : Accademia Bizantina-Ottavio Dantone (France, Switzerland)


A second announcement from a major agency is awaited later today. UPDATE: It’s here.


  • Robin says:

    Tough business…

  • Hm says:

    Restructuring is definitely needed or close the doors, I would drop Latry, Berthaud is maybe ok… lucie horsch is good in early repertoire…