Tributes to Russian conductor, taken by Covid

From Kasper Holten, director of the Royal Theatre in Copehnhagen:

We are all at Det Kongelige Teater shocked and affected by the news about our chief conductor Alexander Vedernikov’s far too early death. Alexander was hit by covid-19 a month ago while he was staying back home in Russia and died last night in Moscow due to the complications of the disease. Just tonight he should have directed Det Kongelige Kapel/The Royal Danish Orchestra in Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and we dedicate the concert to the memory of this charismatic and intense man, artist and colleague. Rest in peace Alexander

Stephen Maddock, CEO of the CBSO:
I am really shocked and sorry to hear this news. A great conductor and a lovely man. And 56 is far too young.

Pianist Denis Matsuev:
Great grief for all our culture. An amazing musician and a bright man left, in the prime of strength, – conductor Alexander Vedernikov. He at the time led both the Bolshoi Theater and Mikhailovsky orchestra and performed with different orchestra. I’ve repeatedly had to play with him, he has an amazing conducting manner and a deepest understanding of music. It was always a truly great pleasure and real music of the highest class.
And here we go again empty.
Just recently, I wrote about Evgeny Ivanovich Shestakov, also my partner on stage and companion, who also left life because of this evil coronavirus. Again, I read online what covid dissidents write, and again I do not understand how to encourage others to violate the recommendations of the Ministry of Health when a lot of people are sick around when friends and friends die one after another? What more proof do you need to get to these people that everything is very serious, that you need to take care and care of your loved ones?! What else do you need? What words will make you follow the precautions? When such amazing representatives of our culture leave.
Now the second wave, which is stronger not only in the number of sick and dead, but also more aggressive in health consequences. Since November 2, almost all Europe will be closed. Legendary concerts and tours are cancelled. But at the same time, I understand that the cancellation of concerts is nothing compared to human life. Nothing else remains to be told once again to everyone who still neglects the rules and exposes themselves and others to be infected, get in your hands, remember!

Cellist Johannes Moser:
Incredibly saddened by the news of the passing of my good friend and incredible musician, maestro Alexander Vedernikov. It was always a true honor and sincere pleasure to make music with him, and to be in his company was so inspiring as he was so full of life, passion for music, in touch with nature and just all-around a wonderful human being. I will miss him a lot. My sincere condolences to his family

Let us dedicate the day to the late conductor Alexander Vedernikov who passed away on October 29, 2020 due to complications of COVID-19. We are honoured to have worked with him on so many astounding recordings.

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  • Maestro Vedernikov was a true Gentleman in life and on stage. Incredible personality and great musician. Gone far too soon… We will miss you!

  • I am unfortunately not familiar with this conductor’s work.
    Would any Vedernikov mavens out there care to provide some listening suggestions?

  • What a shame. 56 is just too young to die. But Putin apparently cares just about as much as Trump does about the effects The Plague is having on their countries’ citizens.
    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the work of this conductor. Would any Vedernikov mavens out there care to provide some listening suggestions?

    • So sorry that this message (in different forms) got posted twice.
      I typed one; hit submit; then the website froze and the comment disappeared. So I typed another one. Now both appear. Cyberweirdness strikes again.
      My request still stands….

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