The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (211): Maria, as never heard before

Michael Robinson’s cool raga-riff on Lenny’s hit tune.


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  • Interesting approach to “Maria” but you do wonder what would have happened if they had unleashed Oscar Peterson on this, now that really would have been an improvisation to listen to.

      • I like to think of it as cultural approbation, if allowed. If a particular continent thought of this as appropriation, we might nor have Lang Lang……ermmmmmm hmmmm

    • Well, “they” have: The Oscar Peterson Trio (Ray Brown, bass; Ed Thigpen, drums) released an entire LP of West Side Story music on the Verve label, which includes a gorgeous version of “Maria”. It has been reissued on CD in lovely sound.

  • Great musician, great fingers to express his musicality and invention. It is a pity that improvisation is no longer generally ancouraged among young classical pianists. I was given British Grenadiers, in the syle of Prokofiev. O Dear!

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