Salzburg goes into emergency mode as audience member tests positive

Salzburg goes into emergency mode as audience member tests positive


norman lebrecht

October 23, 2020

The discovery of a Covid infection in an audience member the Salzburg Landestheater has prompted a wde-scale track and trace operation.

The theatre turned over its sales records to the authorities, and contacted ticketholders in the vicinity, telling them to ring a hotline.

It says anyone who sat near the unfortunate spectator has received a call by now.



  • Doc Martin says:

    Good luck with track n trace in Salzburg.

    Being in the at risk age group, I would not risk opera houses and concert halls at all, just some number crunching figures for UK.

    £12bn was spent on the NHS national programme for IT between 2004-2010, which failed to deliver a functioning IT system and was described by a leading public accounts committee member as ‘one of the worst scandals in terms of a waste of public money’.

    £12bn, the estimated cost of test, track n trace system to date, which the government’s SAGE committee experts say is ‘ having a marginal impact on transmission’. Bojo’s Moonshot budget apparently has been absorbed into the track n trace budget, so no launch Apollo 11.

  • Papageno says:

    people need to STAY HOME if they experience Covid symptoms.

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    For clarity’s sake, this is Salzburg’s regional theatre, and has nothing to do with the Salzburg Festival (summer and Whitsun) or Salzburg Easter Festival. It is a small house on the other side of the river from the festival theatres, and gives opera, theatre, and dance performances from September through June, as do all of Austria’s regional theatres (Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Graz, etc.).

    • Doc Martin says:

      Yes I know most wee towns in Austria have a Landestheater, I know the one in Innsbruck well. I once played my harp and Uilleann pipes there!