Now France goes into lockdown

From Friday, said President Macron, everyone must stay at home until the end of November.

The only exceptions are essential work or medical reasons.

He’s still speaking, but it’s the end for concerts and opera.


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          • The socialist and communist extremists masquerading as Democrats certainly aren’t good for anybody. All they are capable of is inciting violence and arguing using vapid talking points without knowing anything of their origins.

            Fortunately they are either getting arrested, committed to mental health facilities or flooding the hospitals as they keep having super-spreader riots infecting one another with the KungFlu.

            Their pointless destruction and robberies show how gullible they are.

            Glad they’re getting themselves sick so God can naturally make room for more of the loving creatures amongst us of all creeds. Hallelujah!

      • In comparison with the rest of Europe, they are doing better, but also there, the number of sick people rises. But they treat the problem more locally. Also, they did not make the precorona mistake to cut budgets in the medical sector, so there is space for accomodation of patients. The most important difference is that the authorities have, in an early stage, understood the importance of warning for airborne transmission. They put a lot of efforts in ventilation advice, while in France, Belgium and Holland the governments seem to have missed that bit of important scientific information.

  • Europe is cancelled until May 2021. Mark my words…and they all said that the USA had it worse… it’s about the same at this point.

    • I’m sure whatever is happening in Europe, as with the USA, is all the fault of Donald Trump. All of it.

      That woman on “60 Minutes” asked Trump why he didn’t tell his rally crowds to put on masks. You couldn’t make it up; he is NOT their father or their nanny. They’re grown up people and will wear masks if they want or need to. This is the state of infantilism of the people now. How in the world would they have coped in WW2?

      • My fly on the wall tells me that the corona virus was ordered by Trump at a Chinese factory for cleansing agents, thinking he could make money by selling a virus that would protect people from the common cold.

    • . . . which just goes to show that a virus doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor; European or American (or anything else); Tory or Whig; Republican or Democrat, etc., etc. It’s a tiny, tiny bug.

      • Chris Cuomo of CNN who’s NY Governor Andrew’s brother had it along with plenty of Democrats. They are back as arrogant as ever acting out and not wearing masks when they’re in public.

        We’ve also seen all those rioters passing the virus along for months as they are packed in together touching and breathing on each other as they sweat and yell. No problems.

        They’re ok so the hysteria needs to end soon one way or another.

        • Here in arrogant heavily Democratic NYC almost everyone wears a mask resulting in one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the US. And where do you live??

          • No kidding. Aside from anything else, how did that racist crack come out of a story on a Catholic church and a Chinese restaurant? And did he take the report on federal funding as an endorsement of the Orange Idiot?

          • Those figures don’t distinguish between AUTHENTIC COVID cases and those merely coded that way which purposefully induce federal financial reward.

            Dying of ANYTHING merely “during the pandemic” has already gotten a lot of insurers, hospitals and doctors into major trouble for fraudulent claims.

            People with unrelated, legitimate health issues get COVID “attached” to them while in hospital ALL THE TIME. If they die they bring a financial windfall.

            Believing people who make their living creating fear, angst and uncertainty in the news is what gullible libs do and live their little lives around, not the truth. All those “dunning kruger” Dems rioting and antagonizing others will NEVER make anything more of their lives than a rap sheet. Facts!

          • You are entirely right about the numbers. I was using “official” numbers to prove a point about NY. The real number of deaths is under 10,000 right?

  • It is already being said that the first generation of vaccines (for those who are interested in them) will not be of much use and that we will have to wait for the next batch. So, to begin with, let’s move the date at least to May 2022.

    Furthermore, several virologists and other ‘experts’ are warning that after Covid-19 there will be more surprises in the form of new viruses.

    In other words, this circus will never end.

  • Opinion only. I’m thinking the great majority of people will finally have had enough of these corrupt, incompetent “leaders” and throw them out.
    The emperor has no clothes indeed!

  • A victory for Stockhausen. His opera Dienstag aus Licht had a staged performance in Paris just two days ago (with reduced audience of course). Just in the nick of time

  • An excellent choice. Finally a leader with vision (unlike a certain orange cheeto). Four weeks should do a number on the virus, much like the lockdowns in the spring. When cases are down to zero, then we can start talking about culture again. Until then: mask up or pack up.

  • Glad to hear all of Europe is being locked down.

    How’s it going in China where the plague originated? Is Wuhan still all closed up just like everywhere else to stop the spread? Don’t hear much of anything in the MSM.

  • It might not be enough, it’s not a complete lockdown: the schools stay open and the people who cannot work from home can go to work.

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