New boss for Venice Biennale Musica

The composer Lucia Ronchetti, 57, is in charge from next year.

Her work “Inferno” is coming up for performance at Frankfurt Opera.

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    • Composer my arse. It is complete bollocks, why is that wee girl inside the piano? You would not see that even at a wake in Buncrana.

      • A wake in Buncrana lasts easily 3-4 days.

        I once attended one where they laid the auld fella out on top of the piano, someone objected as they wanted to play it, so they propped him up on two broom handles, however when Father O’Hara called in he said you cannot have him like that, so I shouted for three chairs for the corpse and everyone replied hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!

  • Does anyone know how many women professors of composition there are in Italy and the nature of their positions (e.g. full professors or adjunct, full-time or part-time, etc.)? And in which conservatory they work?

  • Has anyone heard woman composer Clara Schumann’s compositions? I have and they’re Very bad compared to Robert’s.
    This political correctness business does the arts a great disservice.

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