More darkness in Belgium

More darkness in Belgium


norman lebrecht

October 27, 2020

The city of Liège has joined Brussels in shutting down all cultural institutions as the country’s hospitals struggle with Covid overflow.

Months of saftey procedures and 50% capacity have been in vain.

Shutdowns include the Orchestre Royal Philharmonique de Liège, the Théâtre Royal with the Opéra Royal de Wallonie and the Théâtre de Liège.


  • Leo Doherty says:

    It’s all about health service capacity now, nothing else.

    • Maria says:

      Yes, hospitals getting overwhelmed with very sick people, and not enough intensive care beds. Certainly ‘to help our NHS’ in the whole of the UK has been paramount after seeing the dreadful scenes from Bergamo in Italy – and the Italian health system normally brilliant.

  • Another orchestral musician says:

    This situation makes me feel confused and frustrated. I wonder whether arts will survive this pandemic, and although I’m still lucky enough to be playing some concerts and gigs, it breaks my heart to go on stage and see how empty it is. I wish people weren’t so scared. But, as I myself was infected with Covid-19 a couple of months ago (survived it, mild symptoms, but man it is a very strange virus… wouldn’t wish it on anyone), I also understand that this is highly contagious and unfortunately concert halls are apparently not safe enough… so it is perfectly reasonable that people stay home.
    I don’t even know what to think anymore…

  • papageno says:

    We need to make Brussels sprout again.