In Paris, concerts start no later than 6.30

Radio France has published a list of forthcoming concerts which start anywhere between 2.30 pm and 6.30 to meet the curfew hour of 9pm.

The Théâtre des Champs-Elysées starts at 6 or 6.30. The Philharmonie de Paris has moved to 6.30.

And no going out to dinner afterwards.


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  • Concerts should always start early. Because some people live outside the city and they need transport late at night to get home. Which can risky with the drunks terrible behaviour.

    • I support weekend concerts to start early and I think that is often the case? For concerts on weekday evenings they need to allow enough time for people to arrive after work.

      • I don’t have 2,7 major underlyding conditions and am also not over the age of 80. I will be fine, and so will you. Remember: If you have anxiety, go and see a medical doctor. Don’t require from people around you that they stop living. It’s not fair.

        • You’re confusing likelihood with certainty. Older people and those with certain conditions are more likely to die if infected. But youth and health are no guarantee of invulnerability. Many young, healthy people have died from covid-19 and of those who haven’t died, many now have lingering after effects. A close friend of mine who was 50 and had no underlying conditions died after a week on a ventilator. I hope you will indeed be fine.

    • Why the contemptuous comments? In exchange for having music or theatre at all, is it so inconvenient to attend concerts early for maybe a year or so? Perhaps you’re fortunate and know no one who’s been gravely ill, or is coping with serious after-effects, or has died of this disease. *That* is what’s utterly sad. Not a missed dinner.

  • Touring Poland in 1968, we gave the same programme at and the next night at The first had an audience of young families and people straight from work, the second had an older audience, and people who had had time to get home, have a meal and go to the concert hall. Great system.

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