Death of a minimalist pioneer, 80

The composer and instrumentalist Jon Gibson died yesterday.

He played in the world premieres of ‘In C,’ ‘Drumming’ and ‘Einstein on the Beach’ and was a founding member of the Philip Glass Ensemble.

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  • Possibly the most famous Glass work — certainly one of the first I heard.

    I am one of those, apparently despised around here, who likes Glass. Aside from seeing several films he scored, I was also blown away by his collaboration with Twyla Tharp, whose dances to Glass music (In the Upper Room) were stunning — a brilliant marriage of movement and music.

    RIP Jon Gibson.

    • I’m also a huge Glass fan. Caught many concerts/premiers in NYC in the early ’80s. His “Words Without Music: A Memoir” is wonderful autobiography. Recently heard the first track from “Glassworks” and it took me back 40 years! RIP Jon Gibson.

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