Death of a Met conductor

The American conductor Richard Woitach, a staff conductor at the Metropolitan Opera for two decades, has died after a long illness at the age of 84.

He was a regular recital accompanist for Jon Vickers and recorded an iconic Nonesuch release, The Unknown Kurt Weill, with Teresa Stratas.

Woitach is survived by his wife, the soprano Jeryl Metz, and their children.


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  • Very sad news.
    Apart from his conducting accomplishments, Woitach was regularly heard on the MET’s intermission features.
    And that “Unknown Kurt Weill” with Stratas has been one of my favorites ever since I bought it on LP.
    Farewell, Maestro….

    • Ms. Woitach, sincerest condolences on your loss. I was acquainted with Maestro when he used to play the piano question at the Met Opera Quizzes in the 80s-90s (I believe). He was a joy to be around and to listen to, always good-humored and with a wealth of funny/interesting stories.

  • I would just like to mention that Mr. Woitach’s first wife, Terry Woitach (a fine violinist), is the mother of their two sons,
    Paul (Joan) and Karl (Sheila). He is also survived by his grandchildren, Michael Woitach (son of Paul) and Tallulah and Lukas (children of Karl).

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