Currentzis seeks new homes

The Greek conductor is baseless since removing his Music Aeterna ensemble from the Russian city of Perm.

He has just accepted a February residency in Lucerne, but he’s looking for more in Moscow, Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Lucerne, New York, Tokyo and London.

Any offers?

More on scherzo.


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  • First sentence of the article literally says “After establishing Saint Petersburg as their main base of activity…”

  • Well you are just misinformed
    Teodor Currentzis is based with MusicAeterna in “Dom Radio” in Saint-Petersburg, this place is like a base for rehearsals and recordings but also can make concerts in different spaces inside which is already happening.
    The aim is to make residency in different cities for few days, making different programs instead of travelling from town to town each day, which makes more sense to avoid long travel just one concert, and to make interesting things beside such as masterclass es and chamber music concerts.
    I don’t think he need your help to organise residencies in other halls

  • No, please; classical music doesn’t need any more of these pretentious frauds who churn out utterly mechanical and meaningless performances and recordings devoid of all nuance and subtlety.

  • Currentzis conducted a fabulous performance last October (seems like an eternity ago – sigh) that had the Paris audience on its feet for more.

    Wish he would come back to Paris eventually. Would love to hear his work again.

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