British conductor catches Covid in Paris

British conductor catches Covid in Paris


norman lebrecht

October 25, 2020

A member of staff for John Eliot Gardiner has confirmed to Slipped Disc that the conductor tested positive for Covid-19 after his return from Paris last week and has been told to go into isolation.

The programme of his French radio concert had to be changed at the last minute as a result of Covid in the chorus.

The Monteverdi Orchestra, which has a concert coming up next month, assures us that he has no symptoms other than a heavy cold and appears to be on the mend.


  • Genius Repairman says:

    I hope he gets well soon.

    • Ainslie says:

      To the “thumbs down” people: what sort of horrid human beings must you be in order to respond this way to well-wishes for recovery from a potentially life-threatening illness? Shame!

      • Maria says:

        He hasn’t got that far yet. Of course we we wish him well and not dead, but it’s just a positive test not full-blown Covid. Absolute thousands get tested and are positive every day in Britain and font die. But I bet you didn’t have to work for him!

    • buxtehude says:

      @ Genius:
      Hugely support this emotion. He’s a big strong guy but 77 years old. He is the best and I should know.

  • david hilton says:

    “the conductor tested positive for Covid-19 . . . and has been told to go into isolation”. He would have been told to go into isolation in the UK whether he tested positive or negative.

    Wishing him well.

    • Doc Martin says:

      A single test has little diagnostic value, it has an incubation of 14 days, so you need tests done 48-72 hrs, and 5-7 days until an endpoint is established.

  • Birchley Poundbottom says:

    Obviously the curfew is ineffective; it is much to late to stop this virus. Anyone outside after sundown is a potential vector.

    • Geezer says:

      No having booze ups at home and house parties spread it like buggery. Cov-19 transmission depends on viral load and population density, if you attend a house party without a mask you will get it. I suppose nocturnal dogging outside might be safer as they wear masks.

      • Hilary says:

        Some sage advice here.

      • Garech de Brun says:

        Do folk still go “dogging” in Winter, during cov-19? It like wife swapping done standing up with masks on!

      • david hilton says:

        ” if you attend a house party without a mask you will get it.” . . . No, just the opposite. If you attend a house party where OTHERS are not wearing masks, then you will get it. It — meaning your likelihood of getting COVID- 19 — doesn’t depend on whether you wear a mask or not.

        • Doc Martin says:

          Clearly you have not been to a house party or Hooly, David, because no one wears masks at parties, which is why we have it bad in NI!

          If you are the only one wearing a mask at a party you will not get it. The others will. A mask prevents aerosol droplets containing the virus from reaching your nasal orifice.

          • Hilary says:

            Are you referring to N95 masks or the more commonly worn surgical type?
            Re. the latter , my understanding is that they are pretty good at protecting others from you.
            As a bonus, they *may* reduce the viral load you receive but that hasn’t been researched extensively. Some have gone as far as to say masks could help build up an immunity by giving you a small dose of CV19 rather than the full quota.

          • Doc Martin says:

            I have not seen any evidence of that in the medical literature. A standard triple layer mask seems to give adequate protection for me, clearly N 95 medical grade are needed in hospital wards etc. I have not had it yet!

        • Geezer says:

          Read Nick Wilson BMJ on aerosol transmission of Sars-cov-2, you are incorrect.

  • Garech de Brun says:

    The key to defeating cov-19 is test, track and trace. Hancock’s appointment the ex-CEO of Talk Talk, Dildo Harding to run it is a sure recipe for failure. It should have gone to a senior civil servant to give proper leadership, who would be impartial and accountable for performance targets.

    Bojo’s Cabinet if full of his useless no hoper pals. I see someone has a petition going for an judicial inquiry into contracts during cov-19. Folk should sign it. They can use nom de plume emails if they like.

  • Norbert says:

    I wonder if he can see his own reflection in a mirror….

  • Dander says:

    Does anyone recall this item about JEG back in 2014?

  • Garech de Brun says:

    I see senior Tory backbencher Bernard Jenkin is calling for Dido Harding, Head of Test, Track and Trace to be sacked!

    You could not make it up. Bojo’s clueless lot reminds me of the blind leading the blind.