Boston Symphony gets back into empty hall

Boston Symphony gets back into empty hall


norman lebrecht

October 28, 2020

Members of the Boston Symphony re-entered their hall today for the first time in months to film a distanced video with former associate conductor Ken-David Masur.

The concert will be streamed in mid-Novembet.


  • Skippy says:

    Masur’s terrific. But where’s Waldo?

    I’m referring, of course, to the music director Boston shares with Leipzig.

    The BSO needs (and deserves) a music director who lives in the ‘hood.

  • Papageno says:

    hmm how did Ken-David Masur get the job… ?

    • Marge O. says:

      Yup. must be all that “hard” work, grit, and education etc. cue hysterical laughter. More us propaganda. …neponomics usa usa

  • fflambeau says:

    I think Ken-David Masur will be their choice to succeed Nelsons. He’s doing a great job in Milwaukee but needs more experience. I’d say after about 5 years. He already has ties to Boston. Meanwhile, the Milwaukeeans have a very good Israeli-born conductor of their own who deserves to be elevated to the top after Masur goes.

  • fflambeau says:

    I should add that Ken-Davis Masur is a marketing delight. First, there’s that famous last name and the fact that he was born in Leipzig, where his famous father led the Gewandhaus Orchestra for something like 24 years. His dad was also hugely popular politically since he helped with the nonviolent reunion of Germany and played a major role with that. Then, add to that the little known fact that Ken-David’s mother is Japanese. I think he also speaks Japanese (he studied languages at Columbia). He’s also very good friends with Jun Märkl who like him is half German, half Japanese. Märkl has been a frequent guest conductor in Milwaukee and is now in Taiwan. Ken-David also has ties to the CSO because he is also conductor of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago.

  • Liam Allan-Dalgleish says:

    Instead of spending money on prostitutes, which in principle I am not opposed to, the President should, like FDR, recognize that artists perform an important service to society, are constantly, with few exceptions, in a tenuous position, and therefore should be underwritten by the government. Also, all those, like Zuckerberg and Banksy, who make fabulous salaries, should be forced to pay a tax to support their compromised colleagues.

  • Marge O. says:

    ‘Like’ the physical distancing for show and virtue signaling. enough of this feces already.

  • Marge O. says:

    are the us hu$tlers still charging for lamestream? nice. how’s voples million dollar sallie doing?

  • Marge O. says:

    Francisco Noya would be a great choice. His passion, promotion, and passion were incredible